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Perhaps the core premise of civic tech is that it can improve civic engagement. Whether in concert with formal governmental bodies or independent of them, civic tech promises to help citizens (in the Latin sense, of the city) engage with one another to share power in the pursuit of building just societies.

Recommended reading:

  • A collection of case studies demonstrating where civic tech interventions have resulted in tangible improvements and benefits for governments/public institutions and their citizens

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Future Perfect

Future Perfect is a live, choose-your-own-adventure game where players join an imagined society called Tomorrowland.

Public Option for AI (PO4AI)

Public Option for AI (PO4AI) is an immersive experience designed for elected officials and city staff to explore how residents’ voices might be centered in decision-making around public-interest technologies.

Free Machine

Free Machine awakens civic participation where emerging technology, public policy, and culture meet.

POPVOX Foundation

POPVOX Foundation

United States of America (the)

POPVOX Foundation works to inform and empower people and make government work better for everyone.

coletivo delibera

O coletivo delibera trabalha com uma forma inédita e democrática de atuação da sociedade nas decisões de pautas políticas do país, de comunidades, de cidades e até mesmo de bairros.

Es geht LOS!

Wir sind ein zivilgesellschaftlicher, überparteilicher Think & Do Tank für losbasierte Bürgerbeteiligung. Wir initiieren geloste Bürgerräte kommunal, im Wahlkreis, national und sogar in öffentlichen Institutionen.


Estonian engagement platform with binding triggers for popular proposals to go before government, locally and nationally

Innovationshauptplatz of the city of Linz

You want to actively shape your Linz? Join the Innovationshauptplatz Linz and become part of our community of 7,300 users!

How can civic tech work effectively with public and private institutions?

A collection of case studies where civic tech interventions have resulted in tangible improvements and benefits for governments/public institutions and their citizens, by People Powered



Santiago, Chile

El Programa Creamos de INJUV está dirigido a jóvenes entre 15 y 29 años que quieran ser líderes y generar cambios a pequeña o mediana escala, proponiendo ideas innovadoras para problemas que afecten a una comunidad.

New Ways Feed

New Ways Feed

Korea (Republic of)

Korean app to match young people to politicians in their area and discussing their issues

Maino Tech

Maino Tech

Helsinki, Finland

We provide modern, effective solutions for participation and collective decision-making. Our Services

Ampliando Democracia

Ampliando Democracia

Madrid (Spain)

Ampliando Democracia es un proyecto que promueve la reflexión sobre cómo mejorar la gobernanza, las políticas públicas y la calidad democrática a través de una participación ciudadana más profunda, inclusiva y sólida.

Maino Tech

Maino Tech


We provide modern, effective solutions for participation and collective decision-making. Our Services

The Centre for Civic Innovation

The Centre for Civic Innovation

Sydney NSW, Australia

What would you like to do for your community? We want to help make it happen.

Riga, Latvia

Latvian "civic-initiatives platform (MyVoice), developed and run by an NGO Foundation of Public Participation, MyVoice."

Participatory Digital Futures: How digital transformation can be made good for all

by Mark Findlay, Sharanya Shanmugam. In this article, through vignettes from the United Kingdom and Singapore’s experience, we highlight how digital transformation can be made more participatory for users affected by digital initiatives.

Közösségi Digitális Eszközök Alapítvány

"We created the foundation in 2016 - economists, IT and communication specialists - to support the development of free digital tools necessary for community decision-making, and to operate such tools." (Translated)

Red Ciudadana

Red Ciudadana


Participación, formación ciudadana y apertura de datos Somos una organización que trabaja por una Guatemala más democrática, innovadora y transparente.




PARTIMAP is a free, easy to use and customizable map-based survey for those who believe that affected citizens should have a say in public development projects.

Namma Mahiti Kendras

IT for Change’s Namma Mahiti Kendras are ICT-enabled information centers that aim to break down the barriers to citizens’ right-claiming processes.



Ghent, Belgium

The all-in-one platform for community engagement

The Collective Intelligence Project

Our mission is to direct technological development towards the collective good.

Talk to Loop

Talk to Loop

The Hague, Netherlands

Loop’s feedback platform is revolutionising accountability in humanitarian aid and development by providing a space for accessible feedback, reliable complaints mechanisms and safe reporting of Sexual Exploitation, Abuse and Harassment (SEAH).


Our artificial intelligence platform covers many of today's most relevant topics: from sustainable cities to citizen security, from migration to climate change & biodiversity, and more.

The People's Money

The People's Money

New York City, NY, USA

NYC's first citywide Mayoral participatory budgeting process, run by the NYC Civic Engagement Commission (CEC) (2022-2023)

The Participation Playbook

The Participation Playbook is an interactive guide to help you successfully advocate for and implement a participatory program for your government or community. It is a tool for people who want to open up government to meaningful and equitable community participation.

Participatory Policymaking

Through participatory policymaking, residents propose, debate, and vote on new policies and policy changes, through online platforms and meetings.

Legislative Theater

In legislative theater, communities, advocates and policymakers work together, to identify, develop, and build support for new legislation.


Massive collective intelligence is the capacity to mobilize communities on a large scale (hundreds and thousands of participants) around key stakes and challenges to co-create new solutions in a short space of time.


Faça com que os direitos sociais se tornem uma realidade.




Purpoz, la plateforme de démocratie participative pour bâtir une société plus pertinente. (Citizen engagement platform by Cap Collectif)

Designing Digital Participatory Budgeting Platforms: Urban Biking Activism in Madrid

Investigating the empirical case of urban biking activists in Madrid, we explore how the design of the digital platform Decide Madrid impacted the collaborative practices involved in digital participatory budgeting. We found that the design of the platform made the interaction competitive, where individuals sought to gain votes for their single proposals, rather than consider the relations across proposals and the larger context of the city decisions, even if the institutional process rewarded collective support.

Civic Voices

With the Civic Voice, you have the power to access, follow through and contribute to bills that matter most to you.

ONTRaC Learning Management System

This is the online learning portal of the Community Solutions Network. Here you can access courses, guides, and additional resources as part of your digital transformation learning journey. Whether you are just embarking on this path or are a seasoned hand, there are courses tailored to your level and interest!




A public engagement toolkit that enables a media house or civil society organisation to easily set up channels for engagement.

Smart City-Strategie Berlin

Public engagement around plan to merge digital strategy and smart city strategy in Berlin




CiviCue is a democratic media equipped with blockchain voting and friendly voter authentication to establish shared understanding.



Eastern Europe

Urbanpinion is a citizen engagement platform that lets city government, community leaders, architects and activists easily set up a landing with an interactive map to collect citizens suggestions, receive analytics based on collected data and make later on right decisions for city development.

Center for Policy Alternatives

The Centre for Policy Alternatives (CPA) was formed in the firm belief that there is an urgent need to strengthen institution and capacity-building for good governance and conflict transformation in Sri Lanka and that non-partisan civil society groups have an important and constructive contribution to make to this process.

La Constitución es Nuestra

Proyecto de evaluación ciudadana del proceso constituyente en Chile

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