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Perhaps the core premise of civic tech is that it can improve civic engagement. Whether in concert with formal governmental bodies or independent of them, civic tech promises to help citizens (in the Latin sense, of the city) engage with one another to share power in the pursuit of building just societies.

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Civic Voices

With the Civic Voice, you have the power to access, follow through and contribute to bills that matter most to you.

ONTRaC Learning Management System

This is the online learning portal of the Community Solutions Network. Here you can access courses, guides, and additional resources as part of your digital transformation learning journey. Whether you are just embarking on this path or are a seasoned hand, there are courses tailored to your level and interest!


A public engagement toolkit that enables a media house or civil society organisation to easily set up channels for engagement.


CiviCue is a democratic media equipped with blockchain voting and friendly voter authentication to establish shared understanding.

Smart City-Strategie Berlin

Public engagement around plan to merge digital strategy and smart city strategy in Berlin


Urbanpinion is a citizen engagement platform that lets city government, community leaders, architects and activists easily set up a landing with an interactive map to collect citizens suggestions, receive analytics based on collected data and make later on right decisions for city development.


The Demokratiefabrik is a digital place where citizens meet to discuss various topics together and fabricate defined end products.

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