Graphic representing Community Notes (formerly Birdwatch)

Community Notes (formerly Birdwatch)
San Francisco

Twitter's community-based approach to misinformation

People come to Twitter to stay informed, and they want credible information to help them do so. We apply labels and add context to Tweets, but we don't want to limit efforts to circumstances where something breaks our rules or receives widespread public attention. We also want to broaden the range of voices that are part of tackling this problem, and we believe a community-driven approach can help. That’s why today we’re introducing Birdwatch, a pilot in the US of a new community-driven approach to help address misleading information on Twitter.

Organization Type: For-profit business, social enterprise, or B Corp
Status: Active
Parent Organization: X (Twitter)
Last Modified: 11/29/2023
Added on: 3/4/2022

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