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Journalism, storytelling, and other forms of interactive media are critical to civic engagement in democracies. Here we track those media and journalism tech projects that directly relate to citizens working to shift power in society.

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Peabody Global Impact Awards

The Global Impact Award recognizes media or organizations that have profoundly changed the world for the better.



Brooklyn, NY

TikTok Intelligence For US Politics

News Ambassadors

What might it sound like if a reporter in rural Missouri partnered with a reporter in New York City to together explore contentious issues and uplift common ground?

Unboxed City

Unboxed City

Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT)

Art exhibition at MIT: critical explorations of ai and cities

The Tiny News Collective

Our mission is to support the voices historically excluded from media and media ownership.

Hack The Press

Hack The Press is a movement. We're not satisfied by the current situation of owned media, and we've taken Michael Jackson's song "Man In The Mirror" to heart.


ProPublica is an independent, non-profit newsroom that produces investigative journalism in the public interest.

Craig Newmark Graduate School of Journalism at CUNY

At the Craig Newmark Graduate School of Journalism at the City University of New York, change is in our DNA.

Local Independent Online News (LION)

Local Independent Online News (LION)

United States of America (the)

Creating and supporting independent news entrepreneurs

Social Currant

Social Currant

Washington, DC

We help nonprofits, impact organizations & issue focused organizations collaborate with creators to reach audiences more effectively.


Legitimate provides journalists and publishers with the latest [AI] tools to enhance their work while helping audiences build trust and have context in the content they consume.

AI Journalism Lab

AI Journalism Lab

CUNY Graduate Center

This 3-month hybrid, tuition-free and highly participatory program invites journalists to explore generative AI through theory and practice, and add meaningfully to the conversation.


Collaborate is an open-source tool that newsrooms can use to enable multiple reporters to share a dataset.

The ComProp Navigator

This is an online resource guide for civil society groups looking to better deal with the problem of disinformation.

Who Posted What is a non public Facebook keyword search for people who work in the public interest. It allows you to search keywords on specific dates. You are granted access because of your work. We do urge you to donate a small amount of money to keep the server running.

American Journalism Project

We are a venture philanthropy investing in and building digital nonprofit newsrooms that are governed by, are sustained by, and look like the public they serve.

自由微博 (

自由微博 (,匿名和不受屏蔽的新浪微博搜索,于 2012 年 10 月 11 日由 建立。

StraightLines by Lucid Lens

Here we introduce StraightLines, a proof-of-concept tool developed by AOI’s Lucid Lens team, that automatically rewrites news headlines to reflect the content of articles in a more accurate, less sensational way.

OpenAI Partnership with American Journalism Project to support local news

A new $5+ million partnership aims to explore ways the development of artificial intelligence (AI) can support a thriving, innovative local news field, and ensure local news organizations shape the future of this emerging technology.

Mission Metrics

Mission Metrics

Oakland, California

When founding The Oaklandside in 2020, we launched Mission Metrics, an innovative pilot program for reader feedback.

Cityside Journalism

Cityside Journalism

Bay Area, CA, USA

Building community through local journalism

Impact Tracker

The IA Impact Tracker is a digital platform to help news organizations, funders, and other stakeholders understand the impact of journalism by defining, measuring, and tracking real world change.

Statewide News Collective

The Statewide News Collective is a community for news organizations serving statewide audiences launched by The Lenfest Institute, RevLab at The Texas Tribune, and Spotlight PA.

Future of Journalism

Future of Journalism

University of Oxford, 1 St Giles', Oxford OX1 3JS, UK

Podcast from the Reuters Institute for the Study of Journalism

Engaged Cities Community of Practice

Engaged Cities is a community of practice for news organizations with engagement-first approaches to serving U.S. cities.

Lenfest News Philanthropy Network

The Lenfest News Philanthropy Network is a community of practice designed to support and build capacity for fundraising and development professionals in journalism.



Austin, TX

#ISOJ is the official research journal of the International Symposium on Online Journalism. It features articles based on original research, methodologies relevant to the study of journalism and innovative technologies (online, tablets, mobile platforms, etc.), critical syntheses of research and theoretical perspectives on journalism today.

Audience Community of Practice

The Audience Community of Practice is a group providing support for audience development news professionals.

Trump Trials Clearinghouse

Trump Trials Clearinghouse

New York University

To help readers parse through these complex legal developments, we have centralized information on Trump’s major cases in the most comprehensive clearinghouse of its kind.

Say No to Disinfo

Say No To Disinfo mines peer-reviewed empirical studies for insight on the most effective way to combat any information threat.

Transforming Narratives of Gun Violence

Transforming Narratives of Gun Violence

Emerson College, Boylston Street, Boston, MA, USA

Transforming Narratives of Gun Violence (TNGV) is a collaborative initiative which seeks to understand the impact of dominant narratives of gun violence on individuals, families, and communities most impacted, and aims to co-create interventions to change these narratives.

Transforming Narratives for Environmental Justice

Transforming Narratives for Environmental Justice

Emerson College, Boylston Street, Boston, MA, USA

Transforming Narratives for Environmental Justice (TNEJ) seeks to advance environmental and climate justice through collaborative storytelling, design, and research.

Global Voices Advox

A project of Global Voices, we are a global anti-censorship network of bloggers and activists dedicated to protecting freedom of expression online.

Mano Valstybė

This website provides data on the turnover of leaders in municipal and state-owned enterprises, and their connections with political parties or associations.


OpenArchive helps history's first responders safely store, verify, and share critical evidence. We conduct co-research, build tools, and create guides that advance human rights every day.

Games for the Many

We’re making games to change the face of politics.


You can install Dangerzone on your Mac, Windows, or Linux computer, and then use it to open a variety of types of documents: PDFs, Microsoft Office or LibreOffice documents, or images. Even if the original document is dangerous and would normally hack your computer, Dangerzone will convert it into a safe PDF that you can open and read.

The Internews Risk and Response Fund

The Risk and Response Fund is a $10 million pool of unrestricted resources that can be deployed with speed when a crisis strikes. It will also ensure Internews has unrestricted funds to cover the organizational risks and costs inherent in operating a multinational nonprofit with programs in the places that need information most.



Hungary (Magyarország)

Google Chrome Add-on for selecting the most interesting articles of the propaganda news website.

Press Forward

Press Forward

United States of America (the)

Building on years of work and investments, a growing group of national, regional, and local funders have come forward to invest in local news and information.

International Journalists' Network

IJNet delivers the latest on global media innovation, news apps and tools, training opportunities and expert advice for professional and emerging journalists worldwide.

Profiles in Media Development Funding

The Center for International Media Assistance's donor profiles on major public and private funders of global media development work

eআরকি (Earki)

eআরকি (Earki)

Bangladesh (Bānglādesh / বাংলাদেশ)

The most popular entertaining gag site in Bangladesh

International Media Support

IMS is the largest media development organisation in the Nordic region. We work in more than 30 countries across four continents promoting press freedom, good journalism and safety for journalists.

Journalists in Distress (JiD) Network

The Journalists in Distress (JiD) Network is an informal forum for sharing information on journalists in distress and developing joint initiatives for emergency response.

Thomson Reuters Foundation journalism program

Our global editorial team of almost 50 journalists and about 300 freelancers covers the world’s under-reported stories at the heart of aid, development, women’s and LGBT+ rights, human trafficking, property rights, climate change and social innovation. We make our stories available free of charge to hundreds of smaller media outlets and non-government organisations around the world.

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