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Disinformation campaigns by states, economic opportunists, and the misinformed themselves threaten to erode the common understandings, shared identities, and empirical bedrock that underlies our collective decisionmaking. While disinformation campaigns have used mass media to spread for many years, social media platforms have proven an exceptionally hospitable environment for the proliferation of falsehoods. Those looking to limit disinformation’s effect on society and bolster truth in media have likewise turned to technology to help keep up with the volume and precision of constantly evolving disinformation campaigns.

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African Digital Democracy Observatory Resident Fellows

The African Digital Democracy Observatory (ADDO) is offering a series of seed grants and additional technical support for targeted research into how both state-affiliated and other lobbyist groups use influence/information operations and disinformation and targeted propaganda to subvert African democracies. The initial research grants focus on four countries: Ghana, Kenya, Nigeria and Senegal.

African Digital Democracy Observatory

ADDO is a coalition of investigative analysis + forensic research organisations that monitor how digital tools and civic technologies impact on the rights of African citizens. The Medium publication covers disinfo trends, provides micro-grant funding to research fellows, and publishes investigations, as well as tools and resources for fighting disinformation.


CiviCue is a democratic media equipped with blockchain voting and friendly voter authentication to establish shared understanding.


Watchdog is a multidisciplinary team of factcheckers, journalists, researchers and software engineers. We hunt hoaxes and misinformation, investigate matters of public welfare, and build software tools that help operations like ours.

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