In 2020, CIL launched the Digital Innovation Fund (DIF) to support experimental and innovative digital organizing tactics for state-based organizing groups and sharpen organizer skills in digital strategy and data analysis.

The Cooperative Impact Lab’s 2022 Digital Innovation Fund awarded $15k 501(c)3 grants to state-based or multi-state focused organizations to fund pilots or continue existing work around digital engagement on TikTok. These programs focus on increasing engagement (online actions, voter registration, GOTV, petition signing, etc.) and shifting nonpartisan narratives through TikTok. In addition to the grant award, awardees receive:

Three training sessions by digital experts to help develop deep knowledge of organizing on the platform.

Individualized coaching from digital experts to provide support to ensure programs are as successful as possible.

Access to technical assistance from best-in-class experts in rapid digital content creation, data analytics for social media content, and digital organizing.

Access to a community of practice with peers + CIL researchers to share learnings, challenges, and best practices that can be replicated throughout the movement

Status: Active
Parent Organization: Cooperative Impact Lab
Last Modified: 7/5/2023
Added on: 7/5/2023

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