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Tools and suites to help organize campaigns. Includes canvassing, texting, email, and other campaign tools.

For specific campaigns, see our Campaigns category. For groups that regularly launch campaigns, see our Campaign Organizations category.

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PartyParty is a source for in-depth reporting on political changemakers, political parties and political trends across Europe.




We equip progressive leaders and movements with innovative digital solutions to make social change possible


WinWith.Me is the Messenger for Politicians - a Facebook Messenger bot-building platform integrated with NationBuilder for campaigns, NGOs and advocacy.

2022 Political Tech Landscape Report

Every year, we track innovations and changes across the political tech space, recognizing the need to capture the developments in this fast-changing industry. This report focuses on the historic 2022 midterm cycle.

Cooperative Impact Lab

Founded in 2018, Cooperative Impact Lab is a space to experiment with approaches and strategies to build progressive power.

Task Force: Digital Organizing at HIIG

The task force Digital Organizing is a group of researchers who study the implications of digital practices for the processes of organizing.

Civic Shout

Civic Shout

United States of America

It’s a more-effective twist on list growth that consists of two parts: our activist network and custom petition platform that helps you reach them.

Vote Force

Vote Force

San Francisco

Relational organizing app to build support for your campaign through friends and family

How to tell your PERSONAL STORY for community organizers

You'll learn how to structure and tell your own personal story in a way that's compelling and engaging, allowing you to be an effective organizer.

Democracy Labs

Democracy Labs

San Francisco

DemLabs works with campaigns to understand their needs, finds the best free/affordable apps that meet it and then freely shares how others can use the solution as well.

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