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Ghent, Belgium

The all-in-one platform for community engagement

Hoplr - pronounce Ā«hoplerĀ» - was founded by Jennick Scheerlinck and Jonas Heirwegh, back in 2014. An initiative that started from a common vision and conviction. In contrast to online globalization, Hoplr tells a digital, but local story. Hoplr connects people with each other and their environment.

Hoplr offers 3 solutions for community engagement:

  • Neighbourhood app: Stimulate social cohesion and circular economy through a peer-to-peer network. Communities can organize themselves by exchanging ideas, goods and services.

  • Community care: Independent living and aging in place. Easily match vulnerable citizens with your social support network within the community.

  • Public participation: Involve the silent majority by shifting the focus from the individual to the local community. Uncover community insights to make inclusive and data-driven decisions.

Organization Type: For-profit business, social enterprise, or B Corp
Status: Active
Claimed Status: Claimed
Founded: 2014
Open Source: No
Features: Webpage builder or CMS
Last Modified: 2023-03-13 00:00:00

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Evidence of this project's impact:"

+800.000 citizens signed up. +70% is weekly active. +2.500 neighbourhoods launched. +75.000 neighbourhood helpers. +2M help questions solved. +1000 local participation projects. (Source, 2023-02-17 )


  • Jennick Scheerlinck
  • Jonas Heirwegh
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