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As a socially organized species, humans have long provided various forms of formal and informal aid to one another in times of crisis. Our empathy can be triggered by the suffering of others -- particularly others with whom we identify. That empathy can then drive a wide range of pro-social behavior to help others in need.

In Mutual Aid: A Factor of Evolution, Russian scientist Peter Kropotkin critiques capitalist and feudal systems for defining human order through competition alone despite bountiful evidence of cooperation in the face of a hostile natural environment. Kropotkin does not deny that competition occurs in the face of limited resources, but argues that our natural sociable inclinations towards cooperation and mutual support are underserved by focusing exclusively on the self-interested individual.

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Допомога (Dopomoha)

Code for Romania's information portal for people fleeing war in Ukraine

Covid-19 Mutual Aid UK

A directory of over 900 COVID mutual aid local groups all across the UK, mostly via Facebook groups, and a backgrounder on what they are and how to start one.


Yunga is a local rescue digital network that connects neighbor to neighbor and neighbor to police in case of an attack or emergency.

Invisible Hands

Safe, free deliveries for NYC’s most at-risk community members facing COVID-19.

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