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JAAKLAC initiative
Finland (Suomi)

Reseaching and advocating for critical digital education and youth participation from Latin America and the Majority World

JAAKLAC's projects are limited in time and dedicated to collectively design, investigate and materialise critical digital education practices. These focus on teaching and learning about the social, political, economic and environmental implications of digital technologies. Through a hands-on process, we connect activists, technologists, artists, educators and youth to co-create practices, resources and research. Outputs and lessons learnt are openly shared to advocate for a quality education in the digital age.

Reach out to design, take part, help fund and expand JAAKLAC. You can pick up past projects or propose new ones. Let's Do It Together!

Status: Active
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Project(s): JAAKLAC iniciativa podcast
Open Source: Yes
Last Modified: 1/1/2024
Added on: 9/27/2021

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