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Digital rights are the human rights and legal rights that apply in the digital domain, including the right to privacy, freedom of expression, access to the internet, protection from digital discrimination and harassment, and the right to knowledge about how personal data is used.

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Digital Rights Fund for West Asia and North Africa

This initiative aims to empower individuals, informal groups, and entities to effectively counter digital rights threats and violations online.

Cities and Digital Human Rights is a platform for public officials, specialists, collaborators, and organisations globally who want to promote an inclusive and democratic development of new technologies in their cities.

Demhack - хакатон в области цифровых прав

Онлайн-хакатон для специалистов в области IT, анализа данных, кибербезопасности, дизайнеров, цифровых художников, исследователей, интернет-активистов и журналистов. Главные темы хакатона - приватность и свобода интернета. Хакатон проходит два раза в год.

7amleh – Arab Center for Social Media Advancement

The Arab Center for the Advancement of Social Media is a non-profit organization that advocates for Palestinian digital rights. 7amleh’s mission is to create a safe, fair and free digital space for Palestinians.

Center for Democracy and Technology

The Center for Democracy & Technology (CDT) is the leading nonpartisan, nonprofit organization fighting to advance civil rights and civil liberties in the digital age.

JAAKLAC iniciativa podcast

JAAKLAC iniciativa promueve la educación digital crítica para desarrollar el conocimiento sobre cómo las tecnologías digitales afectan a sociedades, al medioambiente y para ampliar la partcipación colectiva hacia futuros más justos.

Digital Rights Nepal

Digital Rights Nepal is a not-for-profit initiative dedicated to the protection and promotion of digital rights in Nepal. It focuses on digital rights issues such as right to online freedom of expression and association, online privacy, access to information, internet governance, cyber laws/policies and cyber securities.

Freedom Online Coalition

The Freedom Online Coalition is a partnership of 38 governments, working to advance Internet freedom.

Panoptykon Foundation

The Panoptykon Foundation arose from the belief that negative social phenomenon should not be ignored, along with the belief that – thanks to knowledge, commitment, and determination – we can change the world around us and make sure that surveillance is curtailed.

Azerbaijan Internet Watch

Azerbaijan Internet Watch

Azerbaijan (Azərbaycan)

All about information controls in Azerbaijan



Washington, DC

Horizontal works with human rights defenders and frontline activists in highly repressive environments–in places where dissent is a crime, where basic freedoms are routinely trampled on. But developing technology that is genuinely empowering is about more than tech, it's about who develops and how.

Metamorphosis Foundation

Metamorphosis Foundation

Skopje, North Macedonia

Metamorphosis Foundation works on strengthening the awareness and capacity of citizens and civil society to assume their fullest possible role as activists for democracy, while supporting government to fulfill its democratic role in serving society.

EngageMedia Digital Rights program

We defend and advance digital rights in the Asia-Pacific, holding governments and corporations to account, and foster civil society collaboration and campaigns.




EngageMedia is a non-profit media, technology, and culture organisation. EngageMedia uses the power of video, the Internet, and open technologies to create social and environmental change.



Russian Federation (the)

RosKomSvoboda is the first Russian public organization operating in the field of digital rights protection and digital empowerment.

Digital Rights Job Board

The Digital Rights Job Board features diverse opportunities from organizations, grassroots networks, companies and other types of entities from 130+ countries working at the intersection of technology, human rights, and social justice

Team CommUNITY

We foster and nurture communities throughout the world working on digital rights

SMEX Fellowship on Technology and Human Rights

SMEX is launching the inaugural SMEX Fellowship Programme to bring new minds and voices to the digital rights field, raise innovative solutions to the many-layered issues that govern use and access to the internet, and expand research on emerging topics within digital rights in the MENA region.

Internet Freedom Foundation

IFF advances democratic freedoms for every Indian in a digital society.

Center for Digital Democracy

The Center for Digital Democracy’s mission is to ensure that digital technologies serve and strengthen democratic values, institutions and processes. CDD strives to safeguard privacy and civil and human rights, as well as to advance equity, fairness, and community.

Article 19

ARTICLE 19 works for a world where all people everywhere can freely express themselves and actively engage in public life without fear of discrimination.

Decolonising Digital Rights

The Digital Freedom Fund and its partner European Digital Rights (EDRi) are in the second phase of an initiative that emerged to decolonise the digital rights field.

Digital Freedom Fund

The Digital Freedom Fund supports partners in Europe to advance digital rights through strategic litigation.

Annir Initiative

Annir is a non-partisan digital initiative specialized in raising awareness about Media & Information Literacy and Digital Safety.

Coalizão Direitos na Rede

The Rights in the Network Coalition is a network of entities that brings together more than 40 academic and civil society organizations in defense of digital rights, with the main themes of action: access, freedom of expression, protection of personal data and privacy on the Internet.

Electronic Frontier Alliance

The Electronic Frontier Alliance is a grassroots network of community and campus organizations across the United States working to educate our neighbors about the importance of digital rights. Organized by EFF.

Access Now

Access Now defends and extends the digital rights of people and communities at risk. By combining direct technical support, strategic advocacy, grassroots grantmaking, and convenings such as RightsCon, we fight for human rights in the digital age.

The IO Foundation

Providing solutions to respect and protect your Digital Rights The IO Foundation is a non-profit organization born from a fundamental concern on the state of Digital Rights in the world. We aim to raise awareness on the importance of Digital Rights and seek to help in promoting the creation of a Universal Declaration of Digital Rights (UDDR) with the collaboration of other organizations, both from civil society and bodies of governance. To this end, we implement specific programs that help users to protect their data and metadata in their digital interactions. We also organize activities to inform people and provide them with tools to effectively protect their rights.




We’re a new agency working across the world to shape, apply and enforce data rights. We have lawyers, policy experts, technology analysts and applied ethicists working out of offices in London, Brussels and Paris.

Xnet Institute For Democratic Digitalisation

An activist project working and proposing advanced solutions in fields related to digital rights and democracy: freedom of expression; net neutrality; digital privacy; the free circulation of culture, knowledge and information; mechanisms for transparency, participation and citizen control of power and institutions; the defence of citizen journalism for the right to know, inform and be informed; the technical, communications and legal fight against corruption; and the technopolitics understood as the practice of networking and taking action for citizen empowerment, justice and social transformation.

Digital Democracy

Digital Democracy

San Francisco

Solidarity with frontline communities using tech to defend environmental & human rights. Co-building mapping & monitoring tools. Challenging tech colonialism.

JAAKLAC initiative

Reseaching and advocating for critical digital education and youth participation from Latin America and the Majority World

Bot Populi

Bot Populi is an alternative media platform dedicated to looking at all things digital from a social justice and Global South perspective. It was founded in 2018 by seven global, digital justice organizations.

The Engine Room

We are an international organisation that helps activists, organisations, and other social change agents make the most of data and technology to increase their impact.

Ranking Digital Rights

Ranking Digital Rights

740 15th Street, N.W., Suite 900 Washington, DC 20005

Ranking ICT sector companies on respect for free expression and privacy

Wikimedia Germany

Wikimedia Germany

Wikimedia Deutschland

Unsere Vision ist eine Welt, in der alle Menschen am Wissen der Menschheit teilhaben, es nutzen und mehren können.

Baratunde's Tech Manifesto

The stories turn up daily: Social media is being used to undermine democracy. Someone has run off with millions of Social Security numbers stored by a major financial institution. Internet service…

La Asociación de Tecnología, Educación, Desarrollo, Investigación, Comunicación (TEDIC)

Desarrollamos tecnología cívica abierta: Promovemos el uso y desarrollo de software y hardware libre, diseño abierto y datos abiertos. Our mission is to promote the principles of a free culture and defend civil rights on the Internet, fostering spaces for interaction and exchange of knowledge and developing Web tools with open code and design, supported by an alternative and innovative communication and advocacy work.

Small Media

Small Media is a London-based action lab, providing digital research, training and advocacy solutions to support the work of civil society actors that provides assistance to at-risk communities globally.

Digital Rights Now

Driving business growth through effective marketing



Impact Hub Geneva, Rue Fendt, Geneva, Switzerland

A collaborative tool to display data records on a map. Your data, Your control, Your options

Electronic Frontier Foundation

Electronic Frontier Foundation

815 Eddy Street, San Francisco, CA 94109, USA

The leading nonprofit defending digital privacy, free speech, and innovation.

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