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People will not (and should not) use tech that's untrustworthy. Too many tech projects, including civic tech projects, have abused user privacy and/or failed users in providing a secure user experience. Anyone advocating for increasing digitization of government, social benefits, or public conversation should invest in strong digital security and privacy-respecting approach from the onset and on an ongoing basis, as this area evolves rapidly.

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Matomo Analytics

Google Analytics alternative that protects your data and your customers' privacy

AI Forensics

AI Forensics is a European non-profit that investigates influential and opaque algorithms. We hold major technology platforms accountable by conducting independent and high-profile technical investigations to uncover and expose the harms caused by their algorithms.

Clean Insights

Clean Insights gives developers a way to plug into a secure, private measurement platform.

Tracking Exposed

A series of projects to figure out how major platforms track users, including through data donations

The Digital Security Community Directory of security and safety resources available in various Southeast Asian languages


Newsgradient highlights the differences in media coverage of important events. It enables users to easily follow the daily news and observe it on the political spectrum. The media are arranged on the left-right axis and classified according to their bias and credibility.

Future of Privacy Forum Training Program

The Future of Privacy Forum (FPF) Training Program provides an in-depth understanding of today’s most pressing privacy and data protection topics.

Israel Tech Policy Institute

Tech policy leadership and scholarship, advancing ethical practices in support of emerging technologies

The Future of Privacy Forum

FPF brings together industry, academics, civil society, policymakers, and other stakeholders to explore the challenges posed by emerging technologies and develop privacy protections, ethical norms, and workable best practices in these areas and more.

The Student Privacy Resource Center

Student Privacy Compass (formerly known as FERPA|Sherpa) is the student privacy resource center website. This site is your tool for finding information, news, and opinions on maintaining student data privacy. Student Privacy Compass is an initiative of the Future of Privacy Forum.



United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland (the)

Rightly is all about helping you control your data so that it’s kept safe and you get to use it in ways that help you every day. As well as keeping it away from hackers and spammers, you can use your data to help stay on the best deals for insurance and, in the future, utility renewals.

Clean Insights

Clean Insights is focused on answering key questions about user usage patterns without enabling invasive surveillance of all user habits. It provides methods for user interactions that are ultimately empowering instead of alienating.

Brave Conversations

Brave Conversations seeks to explore the inter-relationship betweens humans, society and technology - as we develop smart tecnologies we need to become smarter humans!

Amnezia VPN

Free service to create a personal VPN on your server. Helps to access blocked content without revealing privacy even to VPN providers.



Russian Federation (the)

RosKomSvoboda is the first Russian public organization operating in the field of digital rights protection and digital empowerment.

Team CommUNITY

We foster and nurture communities throughout the world working on digital rights

Own Your Data Foundation

We equip every individual with the tools they need to live a safe, protected, and informed digital life.

Calyx Institute

Calyx Institute

Brooklyn, NY

Our mission is to educate the public about privacy in digital communications and to develop tools that anyone can use. By embracing "privacy by design," we help make digital security and privacy more accessible to everyone.

Interventions to End Online Violence Against Women in Politics

This NDI report includes a list of interventions that technology platforms, governments, civil society organizations, and the media can take to make meaningful progress towards ending online violence against women in politics.


Google's open-sourced Mediapipe-based library to redact faces from videos and images

Panoptic - Facial Recognition Technologies Tracker

IFF’s Project Panoptic aims to bring transparency and accountability to the relevant government stakeholders involved in the deployment and implementation of facial recognition technology (FRT) projects in India.

Save Our Privacy

#SaveOurPrivacy is an online collective launched in May, 2018 to safeguard your privacy and ensure a citizen centric data protection law.

Center for Digital Democracy

The Center for Digital Democracy’s mission is to ensure that digital technologies serve and strengthen democratic values, institutions and processes. CDD strives to safeguard privacy and civil and human rights, as well as to advance equity, fairness, and community.

Fundar - Centro de Analisis e Investigacion

Fundar - Centro de Analisis e Investigacion

Cda. Alberto Zamora #21 Col. Villa Coyoacan Del. Coyoacan Mexico DF 04000

NewsMatch 2020

NewsMatch is the largest grassroots campaign to support nonprofit news in the U.S. Since 2016, the campaign has helped raise over $100 million to jumpstart emerging newsrooms and support independent media outlets that produce fact-based, nonpartisan news and information.

Institutul European Pentru Democratie Participativa - Qvorum

Institutul European Pentru Democratie Participativa - Qvorum

150 Stirbei Voda Street, sector 1, Bucharest

European Institute for Participative Democracy

The World Investigates (TWI)


You Can Plan

You Can Plan

YouCanPlan Team, Slider Studio Ltd, Knowledge Dock Centre, 4 University Way, London, E16 2RD, UK

Janaagraha Centre for Citizenship and Democracy

Janaagraha Centre for Citizenship and Democracy

Janaagraha Centre for Citizenship and Democracy, 4th Floor, UNI Building, Thimmiah Road, Vasanth Nagar, Bangalore - 560052


Zenysis is an interoperability platform built to accelerate global development goals and improve lives everywhere.

Media Initiative for Open Governance in Uganda

Media Initiative for Open Governance in Uganda

Media Initiative for Open Governance in Uganda Kisasi Road Bukoto, Kampala Uganda

Participacion Ciudadana

Participacion Ciudadana

Wenceslao Alvarez Street No.8, National District, Santo Domingo, Dominiciana Republic

Landgreven 4, Postboks 2193, 1017 Kobenhavn K Denmark

institute of impossible ideas

An incubator for radically disruptive public service ideas, designed, owned and delivered by the public sector for public impact. An endeavour from FutureGov.

Voter Information Services

Voter Information Services

Voter Information Services, PO Box 649, Reading, MA 01867-0403

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