Lioness helps everyday people bring forward stories in the public interest.

We help whistleblowers and sources create change by publishing first-person stories that speak truth to power.

A resource for whistleblowers and sources.

Help for sources behind the scenes, long before a story goes public

Document safety, media strategy, interview prep, logistics, legal advice

A network of journalists, attorneys, therapists, digital and personal safety/security ensure a story is told safely, in the right way, and at the right time

Link individual narratives to larger social campaigns, creating real-world change

A media outlet for vetted citizen journalism.

Lioness publishes fact-checked, vetted first-person essays by whistleblowers or sources

We protect sources, provide legal publication review

We leverage traditional media for maximum impact, amplifying personal stories to create real-world change

Status: Active
Last Modified: 1/5/2023
Added on: 12/23/2022

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