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You can install Dangerzone on your Mac, Windows, or Linux computer, and then use it to open a variety of types of documents: PDFs, Microsoft Office or LibreOffice documents, or images. Even if the original document is dangerous and would normally hack your computer, Dangerzone will convert it into a safe PDF that you can open and read.

AI Accountability Fellowships

The Al Accountability Fellowships seek to support journalists working on in-depth AI accountability stories that examine governments' and corporations’ uses of predictive and surveillance technologies to guide decisions in policing, medicine, social welfare, the criminal justice system, hiring, and more.

Organized Crime and Corruption Reporting Project (OCCRP)

A not-for-profit investigative reporting platform for a worldwide network of independent media centers and journalists

Github's Open journalism Collection

See how publications and data-driven journalists use open source to power their newsroom and ensure information is reported fairly and accurately.

X-ray contact

A platform for searching information about people based on open-source data

Big Local News

Big Local News

450 Serra Mall, Stanford, CA 94305, USA

Empowering journalists with data, tools and collaborations


Lioness helps everyday people bring forward stories in the public interest.

Centro de Periodismo Investigativo De Puerto Rico

El CPI reconoce que el requisito fundamental para una verdadera democracia es que la ciudadanía esté bien informada y que existan entidades independientes con la capacidad de fiscalizar los poderes que accionan en la sociedad, sean públicos o privados.

Centro Latinoamericano de Investigación Periodística (CLIP)

CLIP es una asociación sin ánimo de lucro, con sede en Costa Rica, y equipo latinoamericano, que realiza y coordina investigaciones periodísticas transfronterizas colaborativas y pone sus innovaciones tecnológicas al servicio del periodismo de la región.

Panama Papers

The Panama Papers is an unprecedented investigation that reveals the offshore links of some of the globe’s most prominent figures.

African Network of Centres for Investigative Reporting iLAB

ANCIR partners with investigative newsrooms to produce data-driven investigative reports using social network analysis, entity analysis and open source intelligence.

OSINT Techniques

Resources for Open Source Intelligence and Social Media Investigations.

OSINT Framework

OSINT framework focused on gathering information from free tools or resources. The intention is to help people find free OSINT resources.

Oxpeckers Center for Investigative Environmental Journalism

Africa’s first investigative environmental journalism unit, which combines traditional investigative reporting with data analysis and geo-mapping to expose offenses and track crime syndicates

Organized Crime and Corruption Reporting Project

By developing and equipping a global network of investigative journalists and publishing their stories, OCCRP exposes crime and corruption so the public can hold power to account.

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