Graphic representing Maai Makwa (My Water)

Maai Makwa (My Water)

Deploying Open Data to Enable Kenyan Households & Communities Conserve Fresh Water Resources, including civic literacy campaigns and IoT monitoring of water supply and quality

"Maai Makwa (indigenous Kikuyu language for My Water) is an open-source, open-data and public domain water quality and quantity monitoring project integrated with practical civic education to empower individuals, households and communities in Kenya to participate in freshwater conservation and sustainable water resource exploitation." - Maai Makwa website

"Through this project, the Demography Project have developed:

  • An interactive Water Cost Calculator to enable Kenyans to understand the full cost of water services from all 81 water companies in the country
  • compilation of national and local water laws and regulations
  • In-person forums in vulnerable communities to help them understand water rights and contribute to water conservation
  • A real-time Water Distribution calendar
  • Collaborations with higher education institutions, recruiting eight student climate champions who conducted field research on water supplies in their regions and authored stories on their findings
  • The deployment of low-cost, compact, modern meteorological kits and water monitoring devices to communities "

- mySociety TICTeC blog

Status: Active
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Founded: 2023
Parent Organization: The Demography Project
Last Modified: 2023-03-17 00:00:00

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mySociety TICTeC Labs and National Endowment for Democracy  
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