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Mozilla Web Literacy Framework
Mountain View, CA, USA

In today’s digital world, knowing how to read, write, and participate online is a foundational skill next to reading, writing, and arithmetic.

At Mozilla, we call this Web Literacy. Combined with 21C Skills, these digital-age skills help us live and work in today’s world.

People everywhere should have the knowledge they need to tap into the full power of the Internet -- and to use it to make their lives and the world better. Whether you’re a first time smartphone user, an educator, an experienced programmer, or an internet activist, the degree to which you can read, write, and participate on the web while producing, synthesizing, evaluating, and communicating information shapes what you can imagine—and what you can do. Read our white paper to learn more about why Mozilla cares about Web Literacy.

With the goal of bringing more equitable access to the internet for more people, we have worked with a diverse community of educators, practitioners, and technologists to identify core Web Literacy Skills and 21st Century Skills.

Status: Active
Parent Organization: Mozilla Foundation
Last Modified: 10/29/2023
Added on: 5/31/2022

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