Nafundi's mission is to create technologies that improve the lives of the underserved. Our current focus is designing, building, deploying, and supporting mobile data collection systems that work well in challenging environments (e.g., offline villages in rural Kenya, humid rain forests in Brazil, and even the International Space Station).

Nafundi's CEO, Yaw Anokwa, co-founded the Open Data Kit (ODK) project. ODK replaces paper forms with smartphones and tablets and the platform has been used by thousands of organizations like the Gates Foundation, USAID, World Health Organization, and the Jane Goodall Institute to collect billions of data points.

Nafundi's principals, Yaw Anokwa and Hélène Martin, are lead maintainers on Open Data Kit. They manage a team of developers, implementers, and trainers who work across countries and sectors to design, build, deploy and support data collection tools for a wide variety of clients.

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