The Change Network is a self-paced, 12-month online program that provides structure, tools, coaching, and community to accelerate your goals toward becoming more equitable and inclusive.

If you're ready to make inclusive change, we're here to support your journey. OF/BY/FOR ALL is a non-profit organization that provides digital tools to help public institutions matter more to more people. We support a global community of action-oriented teams at libraries, theaters, museums, parks, and cultural centers, all working to become more inclusive, equitable, and relevant to their communities.

Our field-tested tools equip your team to put your commitment to equity into action. We have over 40 tools to help you map community assets, build authentic partnerships, listen and learn from community members, rethink hiring practices, and more. Some of these tools are available for free on this website, but most are part of the 12-month virtual Change Network program. In the Change Network, we provide a step-by-step framework for you and your community partners. We pair tools with expert coaching, global peer support, and progress tracking to help your team grow and change with your community.

You bring your commitment to equity and change. We’ll bring a field-tested framework to help you build relationships, relevance, and impact.

Let's get started.

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Last Modified: 2023-03-24 00:00:00

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