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Civil Society Accelerator

A free of charge Consultation Service for Civil Society Organisations and Civic Movements

Superbloom's Design Coaching

We offer tailored UX coaching to help you and your team build usable, well-designed tools.


The Change Network is a self-paced, 12-month online program that provides structure, tools, coaching, and community to accelerate your goals toward becoming more equitable and inclusive.

Design for Civic Change

Design for Civic Change

New York City, NY, USA

Design for Civic Change is a professional development program for government workers interested in implementing community-engaged design within their work.

Solving Public Problems Accelerator

The SPP Accelerator is a learning and coaching program to source and develop promising projects designed to improve education, learning, and development using data.

Secure Usability and Accessibility Lab at Open Tech Fund

Secure Usability and Accessibility Lab at Open Tech Fund

2025 M Street Northwest, Downtown, Washington, DC 20036, USA

OTF’s Secure Usability and Accessibility Lab offers secure usability and user-interface assistance to Internet freedom and digital security tools to help them recognise and solve usability challenges that hampered the adoption of those tools in repressive contexts.

Campaign Accelerator Training

Learn to design creative, people-powered advocacy campaigns that transform systems

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