Building Free Technology Tools for We, The People

Our goal is to provide non-restrictive access to every citizen who desires it because we feel that empowering people to run means a more diverse legislative body in every municipality. This is bound to yield results that better match the expectations of our population.

We, the people cannot be ignored or pushed out of the political process by lack of finances when it comes to the development and advancement of our towns, states, and the country as a whole! This is why we are leveraging our time and experience to get as many people, of all walks of life, involved in the politics of their own governance.

Our first tool, with more to come, is HelloVoter with the HelloVoterHQ server-side companion. A fully functional canvassing tool coupled with a speedy representative search tool with direct contact links. We are now in Beta and will soon release the full product. Please use our FREE App and provide feedback!!

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