PUSAD is a center for research on religion and democracy, they conduct research on hate speech and political disinformation.

PUSAD Paramadina has a vision "towards peaceful interaction between religion and democracy in Indonesia." to achieve this vision, PUSAD Paramadina has a mission: - Develop ideas and best practices for peaceful interaction between religion and democracy in Indonesia. - Develop the capacity of religious actors, civil society and the state in solving social and political problems in a democratic and fair manner. - Spread religious messages supporting peace and democracy through a variety of academic and cultural activities, public education and policy advocacy. - Becoming a young research laboratory increases the capacity to conduct innovative and problem-solving social research.

PUSAD Paramadina's activities include research and advocacy with themes including: 1. Pluralism (the contribution of Islam and religions; tolerance). 2. Democracy: democratic education (LVE and others); religion and democracy (secularism); religious freedom. 3. Peace: religion and peace; peace education; women and peace; deradicalization. 4. Religion and Violence: Policing religious conflicts; radicalism in Indonesia; and others.

In conducting research and advocacy, PUSAD Paramadina adheres to the following principles: 1. Utilize the latest theories and approaches in the social sciences to look at certain problems in Indonesia. 2. See variations in the cases studied. With it, lessons can be drawn from cases where improvements in the quality of democracy are found. 3. Research and advocacy are interrelated. Strong advocacy can only be done based on research results that can be accounted for by method and data. 4. Research and advocacy must rely on social media whose role is increasingly important.

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Last Modified: 10/10/2022
Added on: 5/31/2022

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