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Raval data commons
Barcelona, Spain

Developing a robust and replicable Data Commons methodology in the Raval, Barcelona

As a result of the processes of progressive digitalization of social life, both municipal administrations and private organizations are responsible for the management of an increasing volume of personal data of citizens.

This fact opens up new fields and possibilities, but also increases the risks of getting our data out of our control. On the one hand, we have witnessed a historical trend where policies in the management of data have been mainly focused on the provision of technological services (under the smart city paradigm) and not on the structuring of open data systems that allow for the promotion of innovation ecosystems or promotion of bottom-up initiatives.

On the other hand, the creation of conditions for the exercise of the rights to information and the control over data by citizens have been relegated to the background. Conditions for which data management policies and mechanisms should be developed, starting from responsibility, privacy and transparency, articulating a system of data governance that allows segmentation according to their sensitivity.

Without the development of initiatives of aggregation and responsible management of data at all levels, we run the risk of infringing fundamental rights, disempowering citizens and losing the opportunity that the data supposes for the deployment of digital social innovation ecosystems. The responsible and informed management of the data is the only way to take full advantage without infringing rights.

Status: Active
Parent Organization: Eticas Consulting
Last Modified: 6/14/2023
Added on: 6/14/2023

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