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Data governance is the overall management of the availability, usability, integrity, security, and privacy of data used in an organization, involving a set of processes, policies, standards, and technologies to ensure data is handled in a legal, ethical, and efficient manner.

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Open Vilnius

Open Vilnius

Vilnius, Lithuania

The Innovation and Technology Group of the Vilnius City Municipality is developing digital innovations aimed at the smart development of the Lithuanian capital.

Raval data commons

Raval data commons

Barcelona Spain

Developing a robust and replicable Data Commons methodology in the Raval, Barcelona



Latin America

Interconexió es una plataforma que impulsa el intercambio y co-producción de datos entre organizaciones de sociedad civil en América Latina para hacer frente a retos transfronterizos y hacer eficientes los esfuerzos de la región.

Environmental Data & Governance Initiative (EDGI)

EDGI is an action-oriented research collaborative driven by the Environmental Right to Know (ERTK) – the belief that people should be able to know and make decisions about environmental conditions of concern, and that the collection and stewardship of environmental information should equip people, communities, and workers to protect their health and support the flourishing of surrounding ecosystems.

Data Responsibility Working Group (DRWG)

The Data Responsibility Working Group (DRWG) is a global coordination body working to advance data responsibility across the humanitarian system.

IASC Operational Guidance on Data Responsibility in Humanitarian Action

While each organization is responsible for its own data, humanitarians under the Inter-Agency Standing Committee (IASC) – which brings together United Nations (UN) entities, Non-Governmental Organization (NGO) consortia and the International Red Cross and Red Crescent Movement – need common normative, system-wide guidance to inform individual and collective action and to uphold a high standard for data responsibility in different operating environments.

MetroLab Network's Data Governance Initiative

The task force is creating multi-faceted policy and practice tools to inform, guide, and facilitate responsible data governance by cities and counties

Dark Data Project

The Dark Data Project helps organizations uncover, deobfuscate, semantify and analyze problematic datasets

Data Governance

Data Governance is an important component of enabling our mission because we believe that while the world needs better quality and more granular data to achieve its development goals, people’s rights must also be protected zealously. In partnership with Amnesty International, the Open Institute aims to bring together expertise in data for human rights and data for development towards strengthening data governance in Kenya and Africa as a whole. Building on the momentum created by an event dubbed #RestoreDataRights, which ended with calls from African civil society organisations and academic representatives for policy tools and frameworks that could help to ensure that sensitive personal data used as part of the pandemic response is used responsibly, the project will work to ensure responsible data use and protect people’s data rights.


We help people and organisations to benefit from personal data in a human-centric way. To create a fair, sustainable, and prosperous digital society for all.

Governance game

Governance game

Netherlands (the)

A card game that helps organizations and communities explore governance around a shared codebase, whether hypothetical or in a real-world collaboration.

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