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Response Innovation Lab Iraq

The Iraq Response Innovation Lab (IRIL) convenes actors around humanitarian problems faced locally through analysis and promotion of innovations and innovators.

Iraq is still recovering from conflict, has a fragile economy with high rates of unemployment, and is currently facing two Category 2 crises simultaneously. The ongoing conflict and subsequent mass displacement within the country, and its hosting of over 242,000 Syrian refugees [UNHCR, 2013]. In a country already affected by 35 years of wars, conflicts and sanctions, and as a direct consequence of the recent offenses by the so-called Islamic State in Iraq and Syria (ISIS), 11 million people in Iraq (of which 5.1 million are children) are in need of humanitarian assistance.

The Iraq Response Innovation Lab (IRIL) is an initiative led by Oxfam. In August 2018 a study conducted by Oxfam showcased the complex challenges humanitarian actors in Iraq have, and the great opportunity for innovation. Thus, the Lab was founded in January 2019 with the aim of ensuring innovation is integrated within the local humanitarian contexts. The Lab does this by improving and transforming how response happens, from early recovery and resilience building to supporting cross-industry innovations to solve locally-identified pressing challenges.

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