Graphic representing Responsible Design, Development, and Deployment of Technologies (ReDDDoT)

Responsible Design, Development, and Deployment of Technologies (ReDDDoT)
Alexandria, VA

Supports research, implementation and education projects involving multi-sector teams that focus on the responsible design, development or deployment of technologies.

The Responsible Design, Development, and Deployment of Technologies (ReDDDoT) program invites proposals from multidisciplinary, multi-sector teams that examine and demonstrate the principles, methodologies, implementations, and impacts associated with responsible design, development, and deployment of technologies in practice, focusing especially on the key technologies specified in Section 10387 of the CHIPS and Science Act of 2022. The program is a collaboration between NSF and philanthropic funders Ford Foundation, The Patrick J. McGovern Foundation, Pivotal Ventures, The Eric and Wendy Schmidt Fund for Strategic Innovation, and Siegel Family Endowment. A key goal of the program is to support and strengthen collaborations across disciplines and sectors, for example, academia, industry, and non-profits. The program also aims to ensure that ethical, legal, and societal considerations and community values are embedded across technology lifecycles to generate products that promote the public’s wellbeing and mitigate harm.

Organization Type: Government/public sector
Status: Active
Founded: 2024
Parent Organization: National Science Foundation
Last Modified: 3/22/2024
Added on: 3/15/2024

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