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Public Sector Budgeting Software

Operating budget development: Save any number of budget phases, expenses, revenues, FTEs, attachments, and supporting text. Personnel forecasting: Salaries, benefits, supplemental pays and statutory are accurately forecasted by client pay period for any number of years with sophisticated scenarios. Capital programming: Build project budgets over multiple years with numerous funding sources, subprojects, line items, and phases. Create allotments and spending plans: Annual budget development may just be the start of your process; use Sherpa to break out your budget into allotments or spending plans to help with in-year analysis and budget control. In-year and long-term forecasting: Sherpa offers over 20 standard forecasting methodologies or we can make new forecast options for our clients to meet specific needs. Budget monitoring and execution capabilities: Systematize development of monthly, quarterly and annual variance analysis activities. Performance management: Track metrics (outputs, inputs, outcomes, etc.) All performance metrics can be connected to strategic missions, goals, strategies, and objectives. Performance management can be linked directly to organizations, programs, and activities. Reporting and analytics: Budget analysts need the ability to investigate and answer new questions, examine operations and obtain the data to support the development of alternatives and recommendations. With Sherpa, any user can create ad-hoc reports with pixel-perfect formatting that drill to details.

Organization Type: For-profit business, social enterprise, or B Corp
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Parent Organization: EUNA (formerly GTY Technology)
Last Modified: 10/29/2023
Added on: 4/15/2023

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