A suite of tools for wildfire response and planning

Technosylva, a California start-up, makes predictive modeling software that allows fire departments to calculate where a fire is heading, how fast it's moving and what weather patterns might affect its path. Its software is used in nine states, and helped the California Department of Forestry and Fire Protection predict the trajectory of wildfires this year, saving valuable time for those trying to extinguish the blazes.

-Kevin Roose

Wildfire Analystâ„¢ is advanced state-of-the-art wildfire behavior and spread simulation for both desktop and web services, delivering real-time modeling capabilities to your fingertips in minutes.

The software integrates real-time weather acquisition with advanced modeling to calculate where a fire is going, when it is going to reach critical locations, and what potential impacts there may be.

fiResponseâ„¢ represents the collective experience and needs of fire managers from numerous agencies, embedded inside the most robust GIS and DBMS platforms for implementing mission critical applications available from Esri and Microsoft.

Wildfire Risk Atlas: Working closely with state agencies, we have developed a customizable interactive web mapping application that provides tools for planners, decision makers, and the public, to utilize risk assessment outputs immediately.

Tactical Analyst: Tracking resources in real time. Ground units and Aircraft. Crews and Engines. Dozers and Trucks. Everything integrated into a real-time fully operational 4D GIS environment, based on latest Esri technology.

Control time enabled events and GIS datasets. Integrate Weather predictions, Aerial and Satellite Imagery, from public sources or from within your organization.

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Last Modified: 2/20/2023
Added on: 6/22/2021

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