Graphic representing The Civic Tech Field Guide's Civic Mastodon server roundup

The Civic Tech Field Guide's Civic Mastodon server roundup

Since there's not yet a clear home for civic tech on Mastodon, I've rounded up some of the more relevant servers for civic tech's digital migrants to gather.

The Union Place: a federated server for union members, organizations, friends, and allies. If you support labor and labor rights, you have a place here! We're a server for people who like bikes, transit, and walkable cities. Let's get to know each other! A Mastodon server for all who pursue the journalistic ethic. A server focused on the open and indie web, humane tech and calm technologies evolution.

Newsie is a place for journalism professionals, news-people and fans to connect. Server operated by the Fourth Estate® team.

Política ConCiencia pone a tu disposición un espacio dedicado al intercambio de ideas mediante un diálogo respetuoso y constructivo entre los individuos ((Spanish language political discussion).

Die Deutsche Journalistinnen- und Journalisten-Union (dju) in ver.di bietet hier einen Gemeinschaftsraum für Medienmenschen und alle, die an einem freundlichen und konstruktiven Austausch. (German journalism community). Serwer głównie dla użytkowników polskojęzycznych. Fundacja Technologie dla ludzi. (Polish Foundation Technologies for the People)

Municipal Mastodons

Cities are a natural gathering place and they've already emerged as the most common political unit for Mastodon servers. As you'll see, Germans are particularly active here, as is Europe in general. Regional server for the San Francisco Bay Area Et hjem på nett for borgere av Oslo, Norge 🇳🇴 men et vindu til verden. A/social indipendente di Roma Benvenuto sul Mastodon in italiano della città di Bologna! Instancia de Mastodon principalmente en español/castellano que se aloja en Bilbao, Pais Vasco. Dieser Mastodon Server ist gedacht hauptsächlich für Münsteraner, natürlich kann sich aber jedes nette Wesen hier anmelden. Ein Mastodon-Server für Freiburg und Umland betrieben durch den Verein e.V. Für alle aus Dresden und Umgebung, aber dennoch offen für alle Leute (über 16), die sich mit Dresden identifizieren oder es einfach lieben Willkommen in der digitalen Darmstädter Nachbarschaft aus dem Rhein-Main-Gebiet - komm doch mal auf einen Kaffee vorbei! is ein Mastodon Server für alle Kölner und jeden, der sich in Köln zuhause fühlt. Gemeinschaft für Leute rund um München A place for communities in and around Glasgow, Scotland

There are also a growing number of regional Mastodon servers.

MORE European mastodon instance hosted in Luxembourg. Also beer, privacy and free software lovers.

Fosstodon is a Mastodon community that is open to anyone who is interested in technology; particularly free & open source software. This server is hosted by Naido, a Belgian privacy-aware service provider. is a Mastodon instance for people interested in thinking creatively and critically about technology, in the broadest sense. Die Gemeinschaft wo das freie Internet zählt! (The community where the free internet counts!) Una comunidad mastodon para hackers, anarquistas sociales y hackers anarquistas, o anarco hackers. No se permiten anarco-capitalistas ni capitalistas. Official community of the Belgian Pirate Party A collective effort to offer federated social media to anarchist collectives and individuals in the fediverse.

**Disclaimer: **Please note that we have no affiliation with these servers, are not endorsing the political ones, and can't vouch for their hosts, although several are civil society organizations working for stronger digital rights.

Are we missing any civic or activist Mastodon servers? Share 'em if you got em.

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