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The Metagovernance Project

The Metagovernance Project is an interdisciplinary research collective. We build standards and infrastructure for digital self-governance. Our

Our collaborations include:

Metagov Gateway, a unified API gateway for digital governance services (docs, slides, video) Modular Politics, a working paper outlining a governance layer for the internet Govbase, an open database of projects and tools in online governance Agreement Engine, a tool for building contract systems on the internet DAOstar One, a roundtable working towards an ERC standard for DAOs Metaeth, a Discord bot for ethical, responsive digital ethnography Cryptopolitics, a political typology quiz for crypto Composing games into complex institutions, a research paper The Metagovernance Seminar, a weekly seminar

Status: Active
Last Modified: 2022-10-07 00:00:00

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