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"A decentralized autonomous organization, sometimes called a decentralized autonomous corporation, is an organization represented by rules encoded as a computer program that is transparent, controlled by the organization members and not influenced by a central government." - Wikipedia

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DAO creation and management platform with no coding required



Zug, Switzerland

A blockchain-based platform for decentralized "network states"

Accelerating Makers

TechSoup project: We aim to increase the number of mission-specific tools that can be effectively used by civil society organizations, starting with DWeb solutions.

Spark Eco

Spark Eco will invest in solar energy projects, fund non-profits working on solar projects in developing communities, and support land preservation efforts.


Drive climate action and earn rewards with a carbon-backed, algorithmic digital currency.

EarthFund / 1Earth

EarthFund is using 15% of its equity (plus contributions and LP rewards) to build a planet-saving treasury, controlled by you.

Open Forest Protocol

The Open Forest Protocol (OFP) is changing how forestation (reforestation, afforestation and conservation) projects are monitored, verified and funded with blockchain technology.

Save Planet Earth

SPE is developing the first-ever Gold Standard certified carbon credit NFTs, a green blockchain entirely powered by renewable energy, and a carbon credit exchange that will use $SPE as the exclusive currency.

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