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Emerging tech that could make outsized contributions to existing battles.

Suggested reading: Pathways Through the Portal: A Field Scan of Emerging Technologies in the Public Interest

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Zug, Switzerland

A blockchain-based platform for decentralized "network states"

Talk to the City

Talk to the City is an open-source LLM interface for improving collective deliberation and decision-making by analyzing detailed, qualitative data. It aggregates responses and arranges similar arguments into clusters.

Gov.UK Incubator for Artificial Intelligence

The [UK] Government is establishing an elite team of highly empowered technical experts at the heart of government. Their mission is to help departments harness the potential of AI to improve lives and the delivery of public services.


The African affiliate of the global Open Science Hardware community, plus its global summit



United States of America (the)

An AI startup's chatbots representing each of the 17 major US presidential candidates.

Centre for International Governance Innovation (CIGI)

CIGI builds bridges from knowledge to power by conducting world-leading research and analysis to offer innovative policy solutions for the digital era.

The Civic AI Observatory

The Civic AI Observatory

United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland (the)

Nesta and Newspeak House announce the Civic AI Observatory (, an initiative to support civic organisations plan and adapt to the rapidly evolving field of Generative AI.

Washington, DC

A collection of approachable but well-researched primers on emerging tech and potential benefits and risks




The AI4D multidisciplinary research lab run by two public academic institutions in Tanzania, UDOM & NM-AIST. We set forth an objective to establish a multidisciplinary AI4D lab that fosters capacity development, research and innovation in responsible AI and its application in addressing societal and developmental problems in Africa.

AI Impact Lab

AI Impact Lab

United States of America (the)

At AI Impact Labs, we are dedicated to helping nonprofits and mission-driven companies stay ahead of the curve by providing comprehensive support and training on using generative AI in their workflows.

Anticipatory Innovation

Public sector needs to prepare for what is coming next, continuously identify, test and implement innovative solutions to benefit from future opportunities while reducing the risks through increased resilience of their public systems.  To facilitate that OPSI has developed an Anticipatory Innovation Governance (AIG) model.

Eye In The Sky

Using High-Altitude Balloons [and drones] for Decision Support in Wildfire Operations

Jacobs Urban Tech Hub at Cornell Tech

Making cities stronger, fairer, and more resilient through responsible technology.

Mozilla AI

Mozilla AI

Mountain View, CA, USA

A startup — and community — building trustworthy and open-source AI.



United States of America (the)

A better and faster way to track methane

Public Interest AI explainer site

Public Interest AI explainer site

Humboldt-Institut Berlin, Invalidenstraße, Berlin, Germany

A project map of Public Interest AI and related research

CS Fund Just Transitions

CS Fund is launching a new funding program on Just Transitions to advance social and ecological justice for a future grounded in justice, joy, belonging, and liberation for all beings.

Project Dokaz Alliance

Project Dokaz Alliance

450 Serra Mall, Stanford, CA 94305, USA

This project brings together leading innovators from the international criminal law community with pioneers in the Web3 ecosystem to develop secure and resilient solutions for accountability in Ukraine.

Starling Lab

Starling Lab


A new methodology to restore trust in digital media

United States Department of State's Office of the Special Envoy for Critical and Emerging Technology

Secretary Blinken established the office as part of the wider modernization agenda because the constellation of critical and emerging technologies reshaping the world is now an integral part of the conduct of U.S. foreign policy and diplomacy.


What if we worked together to enable learner sovereignty, mobility and agency?

Great King Machines

We manufacture embedded city maintenance machines for city civic and green agencies to upgrade to new standards of service to the citizens.

Low-Cost Sensors and Systems for Ocean Discovery

We are creating low-cost, easy-to-use deep-sea systems that gather the most critical data to inform environmental decision-making and deployment strategies.


LandOS facilitates project design, due diligence, finance and certification – all key to unlocking supply at scale.

Artificial Intelligence in the City: Building Civic Engagement and Public Trust

A collection of essays edited by Ana Brandusescu and Jess Reia featuring essays from participants of the AI in the City: Building Civic Engagement and Public Trust symposium that took place remotely on February 10, 2022.

Dark Data Project

The Dark Data Project helps organizations uncover, deobfuscate, semantify and analyze problematic datasets

Global Atlas of AVs in Cities

The cities in this Atlas represent the vanguard of urban governments that are hosting tests, developing their own autonomous vehicle (AV) pilots, making plans and policy, and monitoring developments in AV technologies, uses, and markets.



Brooklyn, NY

Numina measures all kinds of curb-level activity. Anonymously and in aggregate, Numina delivers the volume counts, paths, and traffic behaviors of travelers and objects in streets.


Six European cities are looking for #AI solutions to accelerate carbon neutrality using pre-commercial procurement.

A People’s Guide to AI

A People’s Guide to AI

4126 Third St. Detroit, MI 48201

This popular education-inspired guide breaks down and contextualizes artificial intelligence technologies within structural racism — and provides hands-on exercises to help us imagine beyond, and dream up alternate and ideal futures with AI.


#SelfCare is a free, simple, and beautiful AI companion for joy, self-connection, and hope.

A+ Alliance

A Feminist AI Research network that gathers a cohort of social scientists, economists, and activists, side by side with data, machine learning and computer scientists to discuss how to fix the system and leverage AI for women’s rights.

Using synthetic media to make satirical videos spreading awareness about climate change

Algorithm Tips

Algorithm Tips

Northwestern University, Campus Drive, Evanston, IL, USA

Resources and leads for investigating algorithms in society

AI Now Institute

AI Now Institute

New York City, NY, USA

The AI Now Institute at New York University is an interdisciplinary research center dedicated to understanding the social implications of artificial intelligence.

AI and the Cognitive Trap

AI in the Trap, a collaborative art project that explores the future of artificial intelligence and predictive policing through a hip-hop lens.

AI Initiative

AI Initiative

Cambridge, MA, USA

The AI Initiative is dedicated to shaping the global policy framework to govern the rise of Artificial Intelligence, addressing holistically short-, mid- and long-term governance challenges.

Air Matters

Providing real-time Air Quality Index & Allergy Pollen & Weather Data, as well as Protection Recommendations and Forecast.

Algorithm Watch

Algorithm Watch is a non-profit research and advocacy organization committed to evaluating and shedding light on algorithmic decision-making processes

AI for Good Foundation

The AI for Good Foundation engages on a number of fronts in order to continuously serve its core mission.

Algo Transparency

An algorithm that attempts to analyze which information the YouTube algorithm is showing to people.

AI Resources

AI Resources

2 rue André Pascal, 75775 Paris CEDEX 16, France

An evolving directory of tools and resources that OPSI believes may be useful for civil servants interested in the use of AI in government

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