Graphic representing The Rules Culture Hacking Toolkit

The Rules Culture Hacking Toolkit

The Rules have developed a method and toolkit to help social movements bring about narrative and structural change. We call it Culture Hacking.

The stories – or narratives – we tell reveal how power has come to rest in the hands of the few rather than the many. They reveal how our struggles – from land to labour rights, the fight for biodiversity and even for control of our very bodies – are part of the same global struggle against a system that prioritises the production of capital and economic growth over all other things.

We tell stories about alternative systems that exist and that are emerging. We also connect movements working in diverse and creative ways to resist and reimagine the world.

Organization Type: Advocacy organization
Status: N/A
Founded: 2012
Last Modified: 7/4/2023
Added on: 6/22/2021

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