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Democratizing information about the legal system

The criminal legal system is a maze of laws, language, and unwritten rules that lawyers are trained to maneuver to represent defendants.​However, according to the Bureau of Justice Statistics, only 27% of county public defender’s offices meet national caseload recommendations for cases per attorney, meaning that most public defenders are overworked, leaving their clients underrepresented.​Defendants must complete an estimated 200 discrete tasks during their legal proceeding. This leaves them overwhelmed, lost, and profoundly disadvantaged while attempting to navigate the system. “Navigating the charge… [is] incredibly confusing. It is not consistent: there is no format or formula. If you go to one judge they will tell you one thing. If you go to a different judge, they tell you another.” Step-by-Step GuideFind your legal case seamlessly translated into a step-by-step guide of the legal process, from the point of first arrest to expungement options and beyond My CaseReceive push notifications reminding you of upcoming events and court dates, which will increase appearance rates and decrease the burden on court systems ResourcesConnect to community resources tailored to your goals, helping ease the burdens of the legal process while increasing court appearance rates

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Last Modified: 6/20/2023
Added on: 5/9/2022

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