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When people turn to the internet to find legal help, they can quickly become overwhelmed by the amount of information available, and by uncertainty about which sources are reliable. To make it easier for users to access timely, relevant, and accurate guidance, legal services organizations and court self-help centers in some states have launched legal assistance portals. What Are the Essential Elements of Legal Assistance Portals?, Pew Charitable Trusts


JusticeTrans offers legal information about transgender rights across Canada.

Legal Robot

Legal tech startup using Artificial Intelligence to make Legal Documents less painful & improve Access to Justice.


Hukoomi is an e-governance application which provides access to a broad range of information, including legal information for business, and information about visa and immigration procesess.


Wonder.Legal provides users with a guided process to create legal documents for personal and business purposes.


Wukla is an online platform where users can create agreements and legal documents, and have these delivered to their house.

A2J Author

A2J Author aims to improve access to justice for people who represent themselves. The service hosts simplified legal information and resources created by legal professionals.


LawyerLinx is a legal marketplace where individuals and businesses can find lawyers on demand.

Law Strive

Law Strive is a website through which individuals and businesses can get instant legal advice, and hire lawyers.

Virtual Lawyer

Virtual Lawyer is a web-based platform where individuals can find legal assistance from a pool of virtual lawyers,based on their requirements.


Notifica allows users to inform family members, legal advocates, and other contacts that they have been detained by the police or Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE).

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