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We place experienced, pro-bono technologists to work with government and organizations responding to crisis, to quickly deliver critical services and infrastructure that support the needs of the public. We’re non-partisan, fast, and free.

Founded by former U.S. Deputy CTOs and seasoned tech industry veterans who led federal open data policies and digital government strategy, USDR is a nonpartisan effort that connects expert, volunteer technology teams to public servants responding to crisis.

Our pro bono volunteers work with government teams to understand their challenges and get them the right tools to deliver critical services to the people who need them — all within a few days to weeks. Our diverse volunteers have deep expertise spanning engineering, data science, content strategy, design, logistics and supply chain, and disaster response.

Often, the smartest solutions and most effective tools already exist — they just need to be identified, integrated, and implemented. Our volunteers survey the best of what's available, get systems up and running, and make sure government partners have the tools and training they need to operate smoothly and effectively.

So far, the group — which is led by Raylene Yung, a former Facebook and Stripe executive, and includes volunteers from most of Silicon Valley's biggest companies — has taken on pro bono projects in dozens of states. It helped Pennsylvania's Health Department set up an online data dashboard to track the number of available hospital beds and ventilators. It helped Seattle health officials set up an online testing hub, and rebuilt a Kansas Department of Labor website that was used to file for unemployment benefits.

Ideally, cities and states would have enough money and technical expertise to do these things themselves. But until that happens, we're lucky that the U.S.D.R. is stepping in to fill the gaps.

– Kevin Roose

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now a network of over 6,000 coders, data scientists and researchers who are helping local and state governments respond to Covid-19. (Source, 2020-10 )


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