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Amandla Mobi
South Africa (South Africa, Afrika-Borwa, Suid-Afrika) is a platform that aims to "turn every cellphone in South Africa into a democracy tool" by using Whatsapp, SMS, USSD, Web and social networking to run multi-issue and multilingual campaigns so that people can connect and call for accountability on various matters.

With citizens can receive campaigns on several issues in their preferred languages and take action such as signing the campaign so that can reach it's signature target and therefore request action and accountability from corporations and the government. is currently used by 611494 people.

Organization Type: Advocacy organization
Status: Active
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Founded: 2014
Project Stage: Ongoing
Last Modified: 5/8/2024
Added on: 6/22/2021

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Luminate $ 250000.00
Luminate $ 600000.00
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