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Callisto Vault

A suite of tools designed to help survivors navigate barriers and define their own pathways toward healing and justice. Within Callisto Vault, survivors can access two tools: the Matching System and Encrypted Record Form.


Volunteer part-time, full async and remote to contribute to Preptrack, the app that supports PrEP users. PrEP is a medicine that eliminates the risk of HIV when taken correctly. (formerly Disaster Response and Open Homes)

Airbnb encourages hosts to donate their shelter in times of need, and is now spinning the program out as a formal non-profit.


Numina measures all kinds of curb-level activity. Anonymously and in aggregate, Numina delivers the volume counts, paths, and traffic behaviors of travelers and objects in streets.


Start a petition with one of the UK's largest campaign organisations. People power change

Ad hoc

Better government software. Services that work, for people.

Algorithm Tips

Resources and leads for investigating algorithms in society

Using synthetic media to make satirical videos spreading awareness about climate change

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