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Online petition platforms symbolize many of the pros and cons of digital organizing: they can be used to amass huge amounts of support around an issue, but have been criticized as a tactic when groups use them to collect email addresses, rather than deliver change. Some online petitions are never delivered, and congressional staff are skeptical of the tactic. The value of ‘between-election’ political participation: Do parliamentary e-petitions matter to political elites? Felicity Matthews, 2021


Start a petition with one of the UK's largest campaign organisations. People power change

National Assembly petitions platform

The National Assembly launches its online petitions platform, based on Decidim

Amandla Mobi is a platform that aims to "turn every cellphone in South Africa into a democracy tool" by using Whatsapp, SMS, USSD, Web and social networking to run multi-issue and multilingual campaigns so that people can connect and call for accountability on various matters. With citizens can receive campaigns on several issues in their preferred languages and take action such as signing the campaign so that can reach it's signature target and therefore request action and accountability from corporations and the government. is currently used by 611494 people.

MoveOn Petitions

Sign people-powered petitions from across the country, start your own, and view past petition victories.

Salsa Labs

Salsa Labs is a technology company that creates powerful donor management, online fundraising, and online advocacy tools for nonprofits helping them Engage and Change the World.

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