A report by the UK Humanitarian Innovation Hub

By Giulia Costella, David Garcia, David Hodgson, Nicki McGoh, Stella Chelangat Mutai, Catherine Lilian Nakalembe, Rhiannan Price, and David Taverner.

This report includes the following: • A categorisation of supply- and demand-side stakeholders of satellite technology for the humanitarian sector with examples. • A consolidated overview of examples where satellite technologies have been used effectively for humanitarian domains. • A landscaping of over 500 humanitarian satellite applications. • Identification of key barriers to the adoption of satellite applications and potential interventions from the development community to overcome them. • A summary of two case studies from Asia-Pacific and East Africa to provide real-world insight from specific regions.

Status: N/A
Parent Organization: UK Humanitarian Innovation Hub (UKHIH)
Last Modified: 2/12/2024
Added on: 3/9/2023

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