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State of Digital Inequity

Connect Humanity published the State of Digital Inequity Report in partnership with TechSoup. The report is based on a survey of 7,500+ civil society organizations (CSOs) from 136 countries who answered questions about the barriers that they, and the communities they serve, face when it comes to digital equity.


Newsgradient highlights the differences in media coverage of important events. It enables users to easily follow the daily news and observe it on the political spectrum. The media are arranged on the left-right axis and classified according to their bias and credibility.

Ethics in Artificial Intelligence and Government report

This [Canadian] report includes the following: Importance of ethics in AI and government, Understanding the impacts of AI on society, Balancing AI-driven efficiency with privacy and security concerns, and Cyber-security and digital trust.

Are We Together?

The findings from our study are intended to provide insights to developers and designers to improve the accessibility and inclusivity of digital platforms from the perspective of language.

Growing & Sustaining African Civic Tech

A Playbook for learning about funding and financing options for the African civic technology community.

2022 Political Tech Landscape Report

Every year, we track innovations and changes across the political tech space, recognizing the need to capture the developments in this fast-changing industry. This report focuses on the historic 2022 midterm cycle.

How Cities Make Software Together

Municipal governments are riding a volatile wave of economic, ecological, and social change. But one thing is constant—the accelerating spread of digital technologies. More specifically, municipal governments are learning how to use software to measure, analyze, and optimize service delivery. But even as cities rely more on software to function, they struggle to obtain and maintain software. Traditionally, code is procured from the private sector, or—less often—produced in-house by cities. But both of these approaches are slow, costly, and often fail to deliver innovation. Software vendors often fill in these gaps, locking in costly dependencies on inflexible products. Open Source Software (OSS) presents a possibility for cities to fulfill their software needs. It also offers the potential for greater autonomy and lower cost. However,OSS requires enormous effort to create, and even more to deploy and maintain. These processes are just as important as the final product. The growing base of code and processes are the basis of a specialized class of digital infrastructure, known as municipal digital infrastructure. A report by Written by Nneka Sobers and Dr. Anthony Townsend.

Sustaining and Scaling Civic and Government Technology

A report by International Republican Institute "synthesiz[ing] core challenges and lessons learned from practitioners, funders and government to help answer the questions of why civic and govtech initiatives struggle long term and what can be done about it."

Public Interest Technology University Network: Understanding the State of the Field in 2021

This report from Katharine Lusk and Azer Bestravos of Boston University evaluates of the state of the field across the 43 academic institutions that make up the Public Interest Technology University Network as of the summer of 2021, providing insight into the ways in which PIT-UN members are investing in its five priority areas, and sheds light on the state of the field more generally.

Filling the Progressive TikTok Gap

After the 2022 midterms, the Cooperative Impact Lab published initial findings for the Digital Innovation Fund, telling the story of how, in just four months, we stood up and administered one of the most extensive research-grant programs focused on TikTok’s uses for progressive politics and social good.

Audible reckoning: How top political podcasters spread unsubstantiated and false claims

Brookings report: Using a combination of analytical methods – including natural language processing, machine learning, and manual classifying – this research provided the first overarching assessment of the role that popular political podcasting plays in spreading unsubstantiated and false claims.

All Tech Is Human Tech & Democracy report

All Tech Is Human’s Tech & Democracy report addresses key issues and best practices in the field, and highlights a diverse range of individuals working in the field (across civil society, government, industry, academia, and entrepreneurship).

Interventions to End Online Violence Against Women in Politics

This NDI report includes a list of interventions that technology platforms, governments, civil society organizations, and the media can take to make meaningful progress towards ending online violence against women in politics.

Best practices of engaging and involving people with lived experience in decision-making

Democratic Society (Demsoc) was commissioned by the Health and Social Care Alliance Scotland (ALLIANCE) to identify and share best practices and evidence on including people with lived experience in health and social care policy and practice in Scotland.

OECD Guidelines for Citizen Participation Processes

The OECD Guidelines for Citizen Participation Processes are intended for any public official or public institution interested in carrying out a citizen participation process.

Rethinking data and rebalancing digital power

What is a more ambitious vision for data use and regulation that can deliver a positive shift in the digital ecosystem towards people and society?

Where Technology Meets Ethics: The Humanitarian Principles and Their Problematic Relationship to Technology

Over the past decade, alarms have sounded the need for the humanitarian sector to start seriously considering the impacts of technology and how it should be used. This paper aims to raise another but different alarm: The time for theorizing is coming to an end. The need for action has arrived.

Fundar - Centro de Analisis e Investigacion

Fundar - Centro de Analisis e Investigacion

Cda. Alberto Zamora #21 Col. Villa Coyoacan Del. Coyoacan Mexico DF 04000

NewsMatch 2020

NewsMatch is the largest grassroots campaign to support nonprofit news in the U.S. Since 2016, the campaign has helped raise over $100 million to jumpstart emerging newsrooms and support independent media outlets that produce fact-based, nonpartisan news and information.

Institutul European Pentru Democratie Participativa - Qvorum

Institutul European Pentru Democratie Participativa - Qvorum

150 Stirbei Voda Street, sector 1, Bucharest

European Institute for Participative Democracy

The World Investigates (TWI)


You Can Plan

You Can Plan

YouCanPlan Team, Slider Studio Ltd, Knowledge Dock Centre, 4 University Way, London, E16 2RD, UK

Janaagraha Centre for Citizenship and Democracy

Janaagraha Centre for Citizenship and Democracy

Janaagraha Centre for Citizenship and Democracy, 4th Floor, UNI Building, Thimmiah Road, Vasanth Nagar, Bangalore - 560052


Zenysis is an interoperability platform built to accelerate global development goals and improve lives everywhere.

Media Initiative for Open Governance in Uganda

Media Initiative for Open Governance in Uganda

Media Initiative for Open Governance in Uganda Kisasi Road Bukoto, Kampala Uganda

Participacion Ciudadana

Participacion Ciudadana

Wenceslao Alvarez Street No.8, National District, Santo Domingo, Dominiciana Republic



Landgreven 4, Postboks 2193, 1017 Kobenhavn K Denmark

institute of impossible ideas

An incubator for radically disruptive public service ideas, designed, owned and delivered by the public sector for public impact. An endeavour from FutureGov.

Voter Information Services

Voter Information Services

Voter Information Services, PO Box 649, Reading, MA 01867-0403

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