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David E. Glover Center for Technology

Technology and Design programming for the people of East Oakland and beyond

David E. Glover (Executive Director of Occur 1988 – 2013) devoted his life to ensuring that the infinite potential of technology innovation was accessible to everyone, especially low-income people of color. For him, the rise of the digital divide represented the 21st century manifestation of the racial and economic divide and, if properly addressed, the possibility of full inclusion could be realized.
In 1997, he opened the Eastmont Computing Center — a space where low-income adults could learn basic computer literacy for job readiness. After the passing of David E. Glover in 2013, the Eastmont Computing Center was renamed as the David E. Glover Education and Technology Center in his honor with a mandate to perpetuate David's legacy of bringing the world's most exciting innovations to the people that need them the most.
Today, The Glover Center has become an essential onramp to the region's emerging technology-driven economy as the first rung on the ladder of opportunity for low-income people of color. We are a makerspace for communal innovation, putting making and engineering back into the hands of East Bay communities. As technology continues to evolve, we are dedicated to providing our community with the tools to be successful in the tech industry and beyond.

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