Graphic representing Digital Authentication and Identity Proofing in Public Benefits Applications

Digital Authentication and Identity Proofing in Public Benefits Applications
Georgetown University, Washington, DC

Created and published by the Digital Benefits Network, this open dataset and analysis documents identity proofing and authentication practices in online public benefits applications across the US, contributing to field-wide understanding about the digital identity landscape in public benefits, an important issue for equitable benefits access.

When people across the United States apply for public benefits online, they may be asked to create a username and account, and in some cases, prove who they are by verifying their identity. The Digital Benefits Network (DBN), a project of the Beeck Center for Social Impact + Innovation at Georgetown University, has been conducting research on digital identity in public benefits since late 2022. Through this data project, we examined how the processes of authentication and identity proofing show up during many people’s first touch point with a public benefits program: an initial application. While the field-wide data related to authentication and identity proofing obstacles is limited, it is clear that how these processes are incorporated into applications and benefits management may shape access. Through our research and data, we seek to help state and federal practitioners understand the landscape of digtial identity in public benefits, and ultimately promote practices that can improve equitable access to benefits.

Status: Active
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Founded: 2023
Parent Organization: Digital Benefits Hub
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Last Modified: 9/1/2023
Added on: 8/4/2023

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