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University of Costa Rica

Doble Check is a public discourse auditing project financed by the University of Costa Rica and which operates as a project affiliated with Radio Stations UCR.

We are a nonpartisan initiative. Our trade is born from fake news , or nonsense, in good Spanish. We also take the pulse of false, misleading, or half-truth claims in political discourse and in media publications.

We check data. We take journalistic rigor to ridiculous or absurd claims. We monitor public discourse, we look for possible false or misleading information, we verify or deny it in front of the public. We also correct and clarify our work when we make mistakes.

Our goal is to contribute to a better-informed Costa Rican citizenry with a conscious consumption of information based on the best practices of journalism.

Our work guides are inspired by those of the Poynter Institute on data checking issues, although we are not part of their international network.

We examined the public discourse of political operators and the media, as well as widely publicized social media messages whose possible falsehood could confuse their audiences.

The selection of the topics to be discussed is made based on criteria of relevance of the topic in the public agenda set by the media, prominence of the source and potential impact of information due to its high volume of dissemination. Our primary emphasis will be the national political agenda and the broad human rights agenda.

In our work we use identified sources and confirmed information.

We do not analyze opinions, only facts and data. The opinions are of our interest only to the extent that they want to be supported by assertions without factual basis.

Our data checking works will reflect independence, balance and transparency. Despite operating within the framework of the Radio Stations of the University of Costa Rica, the potential checking of information that comes from the institution and its media will be treated with the same journalistic rigor as when it comes from other sources.

Status: Active
Last Modified: 10/10/2022
Added on: 5/31/2022

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