The Federal Innovation Council seeks to build a culture of innovation and experimentation in government by enabling and empowering federal employees to meet the challenges of 21st century governance.

The Council accomplishes this by convening a group of strategically positioned, career leaders from multiple functions and components across government to generate actionable insights on barriers, enablers, and solutions to problems that face the American public.​ Through monthly meetings, the Council creates a space to network, discuss challenges, learn from colleagues and grow professionally.

​Federal Innovation Council members share expertise and identify opportunities to enable innovation in government. They also help the Partnership design and execute activities aiming to increase awareness of and reduce barriers to innovation, resulting in the improved ability of federal agencies to design, test, and deliver new approaches and solutions. By joining the Federal Innovation Council, you will gain opportunities to learn about government wide initiatives, highlight your innovative work, and collaborate on your agency or team specific issues with other experts across government.

Status: Active
Parent Organization: Partnership for Public Service
Last Modified: 2023-03-18 00:00:00

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