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Government digital transformation projects are initiatives undertaken by public sector entities to integrate digital technologies into all areas of their operations, fundamentally changing how they deliver services, interact with citizens, and achieve greater efficiency, transparency, and accessibility.

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Digital Public Goods Charter

Digital Public Goods Charter

United Nations Foundation

The DPG Charter is a multi-stakeholder campaign to align and mobilize diverse stakeholders and initiatives around a compelling shared vision for digital public goods (open-source technologies designed for the public good) and their role in driving safe, trusted and inclusive digital public infrastructure at scale.

Africa Data Leadership Initiative

Africa Data Leadership Initiative

United Nations Foundation

The Africa Data Leadership Initiative (ADLI) is a ​peer learning and exchange network designed by and for African policymakers, legislators, researchers, technologists, and digital rights advocates working on data governance and digital platforms and services.

Data and Public Services Toolkit

The Data and Public Services Toolkit aims to help public authorities make better use of data. It addresses challenges such as: how to make a business case for data use; how to use data ethically and fairly; and how to identify and utilise relevant datasets.

Department for Digital Transformation

Department for Digital Transformation

Largo Pietro di Brazzà, Roma, RM, Italia

Italy's government agency for connectivity, govtech transformation, cloud, ultra wide band, digital upskilling, and more

State-level Digital Transformation Policy Scan: Executive Orders

State-level Digital Transformation Policy Scan: Executive Orders

Georgetown University, 3700 O St NW, Washington, DC 20057, United States

In Fall 2023, the Digital Service Network kicked off its digital transformation policy scan by documenting executive orders (EO) enacted since 2013 that shape the digital transformation of government across states and territories.

Le Lieu de la Transformation Publique

A la fois laboratoire d’innovation publique, équipe d’experts pluridisciplinaires, centre de ressource et de formation, réseau dédié à l’innovation - le Lieu de la Transformation Publique propose, depuis 2019, un accompagnement sur mesure aux porteurs de projets engagés dans une démarche de transformation.

Direction interministérielle de la transformation publique

La direction interministérielle de la transformation publique (DITP) pilote le programme de transformation publique défini par le Gouvernement pour une action publique plus proche, plus simple et plus efficace. L’objectif : améliorer concrètement la vie des Français et des agents publics.

Portugal Digital

Acelerar Portugal através da capacitação digital das pessoas, da transformação digital das empresas e da digitalização do Estado.

Centre for International Governance Innovation (CIGI)

CIGI builds bridges from knowledge to power by conducting world-leading research and analysis to offer innovative policy solutions for the digital era.


Join us in building the European way of Digital Transformation for 300 million Europeans

Digital Public Administration factsheets

The European Commission's country-by-country factsheets containing "the most recent developments that the public administrations of 35 European countries have undergone in 2022. Additionally, a dedicated factsheet for the EU which focuses on all the matters related to digital public administration and interoperability at the European Union level is also available."

21st Century Integrated Digital Experience Act

The bill’s sponsor, Representative Ro Khanna, summed it up by saying, “Government exists to serve citizens, and this bill ensures government leverages available technology to provide cohesive, user-friendly online service that people around this country expect and deserve.”

Participatory Digital Futures: How digital transformation can be made good for all

by Mark Findlay, Sharanya Shanmugam. In this article, through vignettes from the United Kingdom and Singapore’s experience, we highlight how digital transformation can be made more participatory for users affected by digital initiatives.

Building a Culture of Innovation in Government

This brief is the compilation of the findings from of a series of workshops on creating a vision for how our [US] government can build and foster a culture of innovation over the next 20 years.

Federal Innovation Council

The Federal Innovation Council seeks to build a culture of innovation and experimentation in government by enabling and empowering federal employees to meet the challenges of 21st century governance.

World Health Organization (WHO) Academy

Now under development, the Academy will offer online and in-person courses to millions of health workers and others around the world. 

United States Department of State's Office of the Special Envoy for Critical and Emerging Technology

Secretary Blinken established the office as part of the wider modernization agenda because the constellation of critical and emerging technologies reshaping the world is now an integral part of the conduct of U.S. foreign policy and diplomacy.

USAID Digital Strategy

USAID’s first Digital Strategy charts an agency-wide approach to development in a rapidly evolving digital age.

Stanford Digital Impact Toolkit

Leveraging digital data in ways that advance your mission and respect the rights of the people you serve is a core capacity of foundations and nonprofits in the 21st century. That’s why the Digital Civil Society Lab at the Stanford Center on Philanthropy and Civil Society created the Digital Impact Toolkit—to support civil society organizations in using digital data ethically, safely, and effectively.

USAID Digital Government Model

This document provides a descriptive model as the basis for a shared understanding and vocabulary of the key components of digital government for the development community.

Democracy Technologies

A magazine established to provide people working in politics and the industry of Democracy Technologies with in-depth information about new developments and technologies in the field of digital participation and deliberation, electronic voting, and other digital tools that improve political organisations.

TechSoup Digital Assessment Tool for Nonprofit Organizations

The Digital Assessment Tool (DAT) is a free web-based application that helps nonprofit organizations assess their technology needs and understand their digital capabilities. It provides customized recommendations and tools to manage the digital transformation journey.

Onlinezugangsgesetz (OZG)

Law requiring digitization of German government. Die Interaktion zwischen Bürgerinnen, Bürgern und Unternehmen mit der Verwaltung soll in Zukunft deutlich schneller, effizienter und nutzerfreundlicher werden.

Digital Maturity Indicator

Digital Maturity Indicator

Melbourne VIC, Australia

The Digital Maturity Indicator (DMI) is a tool to help organisations measure, benchmark and improve their digital maturity across six key areas.

Building Digital Government Talent Pipelines

This Code for Canada case study underscores what is possible when it comes to onboarding and implementing digital talent in government. It reviews the experience of four cohorts of Code for Canada Fellows and outlines opportunities and actions governments should consider to improve their exposure and efficacy in recruiting and retaining the talent needed to make digital government happen.



United Nations Foundation

GovStack offers governments with open-source tools for digital services, including building block specifications, a sandbox for testing (upcoming), and communities of practices, and more.



18F, Technology Transformation Services

As an office within the General Services Administration, we know how to work with government. Partner with 18F to deliver projects that fulfill federal rules, stay within budget, and provide excellent value to the public.

g0v Taiwan

Founded in Taiwan, "g0v" (gov-zero) is a decentralised civic tech community with information transparency, open results and open cooperation as its core values. g0v engages in public affairs by drawing from the grassroot power of the community.

Digital Transformation Indicator Library

The Indicator Library is a key resource for our work to accelerate country demand for digital transformation and responsible data use.

Government of South Australia Digital Transformation Toolkits

Government of South Australia Digital Transformation Toolkits

State Administration Centre, 200, Victoria Square, Adelaide SA 5000, Australia

To assist agencies to modernise and transform their government services, the Department of the Premier and Cabinet has developed these four toolkits.

Australia Digital Transformation Agency

Australia Digital Transformation Agency

50 Marcus Clarke Street, Canberra ACT, Australia

At the Digital Transformation Agency, we help government improve digital services to make them simple, clear and fast.

Canadian Digital Service

The Canadian Digital Service teams up with federal departments and agencies to put people’s needs at the centre of government services.

GovTech Singapore Digital Government Blueprint

The Digital Government Blueprint (DGB) is a statement of the Government’s ambition to better leverage data and harness new technologies, and to drive broader efforts to build a digital economy and digital society, in support of Smart Nation.




Vilsquare strives to achieve digital transformation in different communities across Nigeria and all Africa, through use of open science technologies and methodologies. Their biggest success so far is Voltschool, a digital stem education scaled across 9 countries, which has helped over 7,000 kids learn effectively from home.




Programul guvernamental care ii aduce laolalta pe cei care cred intr-un viitor digital pentru Romania

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