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Giving everyone a voice in our democracy

IssueVoter is a nonpartisan, online platform with a mission to give everyone a voice in our representative democracy by making civic engagement accessible, efficient, and impactful.

How it works: Individuals use IssueVoter to get alerts about new bills, send opinions to their rep before Congress votes, and track whether s/he represents them. IssueVoter summarizes bills in plain language, along with what both sides are saying, and is the only platform providing a personalized rep scorecard – helping you keep elected officials accountable and be a more informed voter at the next election.

IssueVoter engages individuals on the issues they care about, provides transparency, and empowers participation in accountable governance. Together, we can create the world we want to live in through a truly representative democracy.

Participation can't stop at the ballot box. "By the people" requires an ongoing dialogue between citizens and their government beyond election cycles. IssueVoter is uniquely prepared to galvanize voters as well as amplify the voices of all Americans year-round.

Let's fast forward to the future. Imagine a world where: Our country is empowered, informed, and represented.

To acheive this vision, in addition to the IssueVoter online platform, we are launching in-person Community Conversations, Video Bill Alerts, and Civic Education cirriculum.

Let's face it: Our democracy could use more support right now. And there's no better support than an informed citizen.

Together, we can create the world we want to live in through a truly representative democracy.

As a nonprofit, IssueVoter relies on individual donations to remain a free, nonpartisan public service.

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