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Jacobs Urban Tech Hub at Cornell Tech
Cornell Tech

Making cities stronger, fairer, and more resilient through responsible technology.

The Jacobs Urban Tech Hub at Cornell Tech is a new academic center in New York City that generates applied research, fosters an expanding tech ecosystem, and cultivates a new generation of urban technology leaders. We bring a human-centered approach to research and education with the aim of building a better world through increased access and opportunity within the technology sector.

We define “urban tech” as a new field of study and an emerging sector of technology encompassing innovations that make cities more connected, livable, efficient, and accessible for people and businesses alike. The Hub aims to bridge the gap between academic resources and public needs, organizing strategic partnerships between academia, industry, communities, and government.

To this end, we identify urban challenges and opportunities, apply research and engineering solutions to real-world problems in real-time, and train the next generation of technologists to have a grounded approach in working with inhabitants to meet their needs. In doing so, we work with partners ranging from established industries and startups to local community groups and municipal partners — all toward the aim of furthering the positive impact of urban technologies.

Organization Type: Academic or research organization
Status: Active
Parent Organization: Cornell Tech
Project(s): How Cities Make Software Together
Last Modified: 2023-09-14 00:00:00

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