The Journalism Trust Initiative aims at a healthier information space.

While mistrust is growing towards media and journalists, journalistic content is in direct competition on platforms with any other type of content, it was urgent to find structural solutions to restore trust and create favorable conditions for it to recover. This is what the Journalism Trust Initiative proposes with the implementation of an international mechanism rewarding ethical journalistic practices. Designed as an ISO standard, the Journalism Trust Initiative, initiated by Reporters without borders (RSF), has been developed by a panel of 130 international experts under the aegis of the European Committee for Standardisation (CEN) and published as Workshop Agreement CWA 17493 to reward trustworthy journalism and compliance with professional norms.

Status: Active
Parent Organization: Reporters Without Borders
Last Modified: 10/10/2023
Added on: 5/31/2022

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Evidence of this project's impact:"

More than 850 media outlets in 80 countries are involved in the Journalism Trust Initiative mechanism. (Source, )

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