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Indicators are used to measure concrete progress towards larger goals. For example, the UN Sustainable Development Goals include 232 indicators to mark progress.

Ranking Digital Rights

Ranking ICT sector companies on respect for free expression and privacy

Internet Universality Indicators (ROAM-X)

A map of the Internet measuring its compliance with human Rights (R), evaluating its Openness (O) and Accessibility (A), and assessing the involvement of Multistakeholder actors (M) in its governance

Digital Transformation Indicator Library

The Indicator Library is a key resource for our work to accelerate country demand for digital transformation and responsible data use.

El Observatorio de Ciudades

Arquitectura, Arte y Diseño del Tecnológico de Monterrey; es un espacio queofrece información actual y útil que permite el análisis, medición yevaluación de las ciudades mexicanas, para incidir en la planeación y latoma de decisiones que contribuirán a mejorar la calidad de vida urbana delas personas.

National Neighborhood Indicators Partnership

The National Neighborhood Indicators Partnership (NNIP) is a collaboration between the Urban Institute and local organizations that connect people with neighborhood data.

Indicator Toolbox

Catalogue of procurement risk indicators from various countries.

Infrastructure Accessibility Index

The Infrastructure Accessibility Index - IAT© highlights areas with ample services and easy pedestrian access to different types of infrastructure. IAT© is based on the "15-minute city" idea, which says that all important facilities and services for urban dwellers should be easily accessible within a 15-minute timeframe. We assess infrastructure accessibility by surveying the facilities reachable within 15 minutes on foot, by car and by public transport.

Urban Health Index (UHI) for Lambeth and Southwark

By layering data relating to different social and environmental indicators, we hope to build a better picture of the circumstances of people living in urban areas and how their environment impacts their health.

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