Graphic representing OECD Deliberative Democracy Database (2023)

OECD Deliberative Democracy Database (2023)
OECD, Rue André Pascal, Paris, France

The OECD's 700+ case studies of citizen juries, councils, assemblies, and more

The OECD Deliberative Democracy Database is a compendium of representative deliberative processes and institutions from all over the world originally published in 2019 and first updated in 2021. The cases included meet the following criteria: 1) Deliberation: Minimum of one full day of face-to-face, online, or hybrid meeting; 2) Representation: Group of randomly selected citizens stratified to be broadly representative of the community they intend to represent, and 3) Impact: Commissioned by a public authority. While we aim to gather all the existing cases, we acknowledge that this compendium is not an exhaustive list. The data collection consisted of an open call for submissions, rounds of consultation with the OECD Innovative Citizen Participation Network and desk research. If you are aware of a case that is not included, please contact us at [email protected]

Status: Active
Founded: 2019
Parent Organization: OECD Open Government Unit
Last Modified: 3/29/2024
Added on: 12/27/2023

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