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New methods and approaches to improve democracy from a non-technical approach. With an emphasis on emerging methods that endeavor to give citizens a more active role in governance.

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Center for Democracy Innovation

The mission of the National Civic League’s Center for Democracy Innovation is to understand, test, and disseminate innovations that can make democracy more participatory, equitable, and productive.

Stanford Deliberative Democracy Lab

Stanford Deliberative Democracy Lab

450 Serra Mall, Stanford, CA 94305, USA

The Deliberative Democracy Lab (formerly the Center for Deliberative Democracy), housed within the Center on Democracy, Development and the Rule of Law at Stanford University, is devoted to research about democracy and public opinion obtained through Deliberative Polling®.

United Humans

[W]hich aspires to establish a global democracy, solving the hard problem of representing every human in the world – including those who won’t participate – without the help of government.

Deliberative Democracy Digest

The Deliberative Democracy Digest publishes a roundup of recent developments in the theory and practice of deliberative democracy. It is the companion piece of the academic publication Journal of Deliberative Democracy (formerly Journal of Public Deliberation).




FairVote is a nonpartisan organization advocating for ranked-choice voting in the US.

Global Forum on Modern Direct Democracy

The Global Forum on Modern Direct Democracy is the largest gathering devoted to direct democracy worldwide. It favours a multidisciplinary approach, welcoming participants from academic, political and civil society perspectives.

coletivo delibera

coletivo delibera

Brazil (Brasil)

O coletivo delibera trabalha com uma forma inédita e democrática de atuação da sociedade nas decisões de pautas políticas do país, de comunidades, de cidades e até mesmo de bairros.

Wir holen euch ab!

Dabei haben sich Katharina Liesenberg und Linus Strothmann vom Team Es geht LOS einer jahrtausendealten, urdemokratischen Methode bedient: des Losens. Indem sie im wahrsten Sinne des Wortes an Türen klingelten, haben sie Menschen in ihrer persönlichen Lebensrealität abgeholt und miteinander in Kontakt gebracht. Ein Buch voll inspirierender Beispiele, die ihren Praxistest alle bestanden haben.

Hallo Bundestag

Gewählt. Gelost. Gemeinsam. Wahlkreisräte für die Demokratie


Citizens' movement to practice democracy by sortition. Notable twist includes winning a seat in Brussels Parliament, where their elected representative must act on behalf of 50 residents chosen by lot.

What Makes an Assembly?

Weaving together the anthropological, aesthetic, and political aspects of assembly-making, What Makes An Assembly? explores the potential of assemblies to reimagine the way democracy is practised in contemporary societies.

Legislative Theater

In legislative theater, communities, advocates and policymakers work together, to identify, develop, and build support for new legislation.

Mehr Demokratie

Mehr Demokratie

Mehr Demokratie e.V., Greifswalderstr. 4, 10108 Berlin, Germany

Seit mehr als 30 Jahren bringt Mehr Demokratie die direkte Demokratie und Bürgerbeteiligung voran und kümmert sich um Transparenz und ein faires Wahlrecht.



Paris, France

DemocracyNext is an international non-profit, non-partisan research and action institute.




Anyone can join the Participedia community and help crowdsource, catalogue and compare participatory political processes around the world.

Sortition Foundation

Organization dedicated to promoting citizens' assemblies

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